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10 ways to relieve Knee Joint pain

A single joint pain can be too hefty for the whole body, and when it comes to your knee, you are not even able to walk with relief. Some knee pain problems can be naturally recovered on your own without medical support. Here are 10 ways to relieve Knee Joint pain.

Posture Improvement

A good posture helps you maintain a strain-relief knee by following a few methods.

  • Try to avoid low and sinking chairs.

  • Don’t slouch too much while sitting as it is an unhealthy activity in the long term.

  • Avoid wearing shoes/heels that are out of your feet’s comfort.

  • Avoid sitting and standing for a long time as it can make your legs stiff which will affect your knee.

Diet and Weight loss

If you have excess weight, then you need to take care of your diet which will lead to controlling your weight.

  • Try to avoid Junk foods and unhealthy eating habits as much as possible.

  • Conclude more vegetables and fruits in your diet.

  • Take foods containing rich vitamins, and fiber and which are low fat based.

  • Include slow walking in your daily routine to make your knees flexible.


It helps in relaxing your joints and giving a certain level of relief to the entire body.

  • Do some massage in the seating posture to be relaxed.

  • Press your fingers on the knee area and move your hands around that area.

  • Repeat the massage 10 to 15 times for more relief.

  • You can massage your knee area before sleeping for high relief and good sleep.

Exercise and Stretching

Making exercise a part of your routine is a great way to avoid knee pain, as your body remains flexible and supercharged.

  • Start doing activities such as cycling, water exercise like swimming, yoga, or a simple walk.

  • Apart from exercising, you can just prefer stretching to bring ease in body movements.

  • You can hire a yoga trainer to professionally indulge in exercising.

Herbal liniment

This is the most authentic natural way to deal with knee pain.

  • Try lotions or arthritis creams which contain ingredients like sesame oil, ginger, and mustard oil.

  • Consult a pharmacist for the best herbal cream for avoiding knee pain problems.

  • Apply a certain amount of ointment regularly for constant relief.

Cold and Heat therapy

  • Apply a cold pack of ice for the first 48 to 72 hours after injury, use for 15-20 minutes, and repeat for a minimum of 3 times a day to slow down the pain.

  • Avoid applying ice directly to your skin, use a towel to apply ice.

  • After some time, you can apply a hot water pad for 15-20 minutes and 3 times a day.

Consult Orthopedist

Consulting an Orthopedist is the right way to deal with knee pain, especially if you are facing pain for the first time.

  • Get a doctor to deal more effectively with the knee pain.

  • To avoid more injury or knee problems, consult your orthopedist first and then apply natural methods only after receiving the suggestions.

  • Expert advice is one of the beneficiary steps to cure knee pain more accurately.

Don’t Bend Knees for too long

To stop the pressure on your knees, you should prevent bending your knees which can cause more pain.

  • We sit by putting our knees at a 90-degree angle which jams the knee cap on the top thigh bone which will cause more pain.

  • Straighten your legs regularly after sitting for a while which will avoid the stiffness of the knee joint.

  • This will reduce knee pain and will give you relief.

Avoid Sitting cross-legged

Any kind of twisting position with create pressure on your joints which will lead to more joint pain.

  • Sit in a straight posture and avoid keeping one leg on the other to reduce joint pressure.

  • Sitting in a cross-legged position is also a major cause of excessive knee joint pain.

Stay Hydrated

Your knee joint will be thankful for keeping it hydrated.

  • By consuming the required amount of water, you will be making not only your body and skin healthy but also strengthening your joints.

  • If you are having joint pain regularly, then along with a doctor’s consultation and physical activities, you should also observe your drinking habit.

Even when we do some pain relief activities on our own, and the pain is still constant, it becomes frustrating searching for numerous knee pain relief actions. Somewhere between these we still ignore some practical ways to apply for relief from knee joint pain, therefore, we should always watch our daily activities while facing knee joint pain and should consult a highly skilled Orthopedist.



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