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22 Effective Ways to Relieve Daily Hip Pain

Hip pain limits mobility and negatively impacts the quality of a patient's life. There are a few remedies that can control hip pain. In this article, we will explore several effective ways to relieve daily hip pain. 

In this article, let us delve deep into a range of strategies that could be helpful in relieving daily hip pain. There are many ways of treating hip pain including lifestyle modifications, exercises, medications and alternative therapies.


First, let us find out the activities that can cause and aggravate hip pain.

  • High-impact exercises like running and jumping.

  • High-impact sports activities like basketball or tennis.

  • Repetitive and jarring motions.

  • Strenuous weightlifting: heavy load directly on the hips causes pain

  • Heavy weightlifting exercises cause excessive pressure on the joint.

  • Prolonged sitting

  • Prolonged standing

  • Twisting or pivoting movements: These put stress on the ligaments and structures surrounding the hip.

  • Excessive stair climbing

How to relieve daily hip pain?

Some of the ways to relieve daily hip pain are:

• Maintain a healthy weight.

• Prefer low-impact exercises

• Avoid high-impact exercises

• Avoid high heels

• Wear flat shoes

• Do warm up before sports activities

• Rest after physical activity.

• Never over-exert yourself.

• After exercises, take a rest.

• Avoid standing for long, take short breaks in between.

• Try alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage, etc.

• Try aerobics

• Do yoga daily

• Walking is the best exercise

• Take medicines on the doctor's advice.

• Take a warm bath

• Apply an ice pack.

• Use a walker if it pains you by walking.

• Take nutrient supplements on doctor's advice.

• Try compression bandage

• Wear compression shorts

• Support legs with pillows.

It is important to note that if these remedies do not relieve hip pain, consult an orthopaedic surgeon to rule out the cause of hip pain.

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With a combination of lifestyle modification and hip replacement surgery, one can achieve painless mobility and enjoy a good quality of life.

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