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5 Signs You Might Need Hip Replacement Surgery

​A hip problem can affect a lot in your daily life and activities. If you are struggling to do things in a normal way because of hip pain and related problems, you will face some hip pain symptoms, which could be an indication that you will need hip replacement surgery, Here are 5 signs you might need Hip Replacement Surgery.

What is a Hip Replacement?

Firstly, you need to know about the Hip Replacement. It is a Hip surgery in which the damaged hip tissue is replaced with some artificial implants. During the surgery procedure, the damaged hip joint parts are removed and replaced by some artificial implants such as metal and ceramic materials. This helps to provide a healthy functioning of the hip joint and ensures stability which is beneficial for the regular lifestyle.

5 Signs You Need Hip Replacement Surgery 

1. You face Constant Pain - 

Hip tissue damage will cause pain regularly, having constant pain is a major sign of the need for Hip Replacement Surgery. If you face these symptoms, then you should consult an Orthopedist:

  • You need to take painkillers regularly for relief.

  • You face sleepless nights due to extreme pain.

  • Minimal treatments are not worthy of your relief.

  • You have difficulty in walking because of the pain.

  • You need a support of walking aid because of the hip pain problem.

2. You feel Mentally and Emotionally down

Sometimes a lot of pain and hip-related problems affect your physical and mental strength. It affects your body and mind so much that you are not able to do your activities prominently. Even if you are habitual of your hip pain and all the above symptoms, you will feel a mental and physical breakdown by which you could face stress and anxiety. An extreme level of Hip pain will affect your body in various negative ways, so if you also face some mental and emotional struggles, it is an obvious indication of the need for Hip Replacement Surgery.

3. Experiencing Limited Motion In Hip Joint

If you are facing a limited range of motion in the Hip joint, then connect with your Orthopedist as soon as possible because it is not a normal Hip-related issue that will be cured naturally. Acute hip stiffness can go away but Constant stiffness is a sign to accomplish Hip Replacement Surgery. Limited range in the Hip Joint motion is the cause which several body problems:

  • You deal with joint stiffness regularly.

  • You are unable to bend your knee properly.

  • You face difficulty in walking, lifting your leg, and moving your body in a specific way.

4. Swelling in the Hip area

Sometimes, a hip problem shows physical changes in the hip area in which swelling is one of the physical changes, This could be the major sign that you will need Hip Replacement Surgery so that you can prevent some more physical issues in the future, swelling is a general sign of a hip joint issue so before it will be late, consult your Orthopedics expert to proceed the Hip Replacement practices.

5. Lifestyle Changes

If you observe that you are denying doing some activities in your daily lifestyle because of Hip pain, this is also a major sign that you will need Hip Replacement surgery. Some lifestyle changes involve:

  • Facing difficulties in simple regular activities like walking, and exercising.

  • Finding it difficult to bend your knee.

  • Struggle with sleeping because of Hip problems.

These are some main signs that you need your Hip Replacement and if you face any of these difficulties, then it is the right time for you to consult an Orthopedist, and it will bring a positive change in your lifestyle. You will notice some good changes in yourself after surgery and also you will be able to do all your favorite activities with ease.





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