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8 Activities to Avoid After Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is done to enhance mobility, and improve the quality of patients' lives. Post-operative care plays an important role in improving functional outcomes. It is important to follow all the instructions carefully given by the orthopedic surgeon to make the journey of recovery smooth and successful. Taking precautions is important to prevent complications as well. Healing takes place in the recovery phase so it is important to avoid activities that interfere with healing.

In this article, we will discuss activities to avoid after hip replacement.

Do not cross your legs

It is advisable not to cross legs for 2-3 months after hip replacement surgery. You can keep a pillow between your legs to make you both comfortable and prevent you from crossing your legs while sleeping.

Be cautious of your sleep position

While sleeping make sure that you avoid lying on the side where surgery is done. Do not sleep on your stomach because this sleeping position may increase the risk of dislocation which may further cause complications. Your sleeping position should be such that it does not cause stress on the surgical area.

Check the chair

You should avoid using a low chair after hip replacement surgery. Because using a low chair will cause bending on the knees and knee bending has to be avoided after surgery. It is better to use high chairs as this will reduce the risk of dislocation. Use raised toilet seats.

Sitting posture

While sitting makes sure that knees are below the hips. Sit on a firm chair and keep your back straight. While sitting don't lean forward. While sitting makes sure don't try to pick up anything from the floor.

No bending

Do not bend at the waist beyond a 90 degrees angle. This is possible when you sit down suddenly without support and caution, pick anything from the floor, wear socks and stand up suddenly. So avoid these activities. These activities increase the risk of dislocation.

Be wise in your choice

Make sure to use Long-Handled Reachers for grasping.

Be wise in your actions

While stepping out of the car, makes sure the areas should be flat. Come out slowly with support.

Note these lifetime precautions:

·        No hip bending.

·        No twisting motions.

·        Keep a pillow between your legs.

·        Avoid high-impact exercises.


With proper care and adherence to the instructions given by the doctor, one can not only optimise recovery but also gives painless mobility.


Be cautious of the movement you make. If you experience hip pain, not able to move, or any other discomfort even after precautions, consult your healthcare provider immediately.

You can also choose our second opinion services and get an opinion from an expert doctor.

Call your healthcare provider if you experience signs of hip replacement dislocation, including:

You must follow precautions for a minimum of 90 days.

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