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Bumrungrad Hospital prices list

If one wants Treatment or Surgery at Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok, patients should be aware of the treatment price while selecting the doctor to have financial satisfaction. Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok is known for its well-equipped facilities and high-quality treatment.

These are the primary therapies offered by Bumrungrad Hospital, along with an estimated cost list:


Prices (Dollars)

Total Knee Replacement Treatment

14000 USD

Kidney Transplant Treatment

25,000 USD

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Treatment

9718 USD

Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery (1 side)

8430 USD

Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery (2 sides)

13146 USD

Robotic-assisted Prostatectomy Treatment

10,574 USD

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)

10,574 USD

Cervical Disc Replacement Treatment

10,860 USD

DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) Treatment

30,000 USD

Hip Replacement Surgery Treatment

24,000 USD

IVF Treatment

10,000 USD

ACL Reconstruction Treatment

10,000 USD

Knee Arthroscopy Treatment

4,000 USD

Shoulder Arthroscopy Treatment

3,500 USD

CABG Treatment

18,000 USD

Hair Transplant Treatment

8,000 USD

Liposuction Treatment

12,000 USD

Tummy Tuck Surgery Treatment

12,000 USD

Facelift Treatment

7,000 USD

Liver Transplant Treatment

55,000 USD

Bone Marrow Transplant Treatment

90,000 USD

Scoliosis Spine Surgery Treatment

21,000 USD

Proton Beam Therapy Treatment

70,000 USD

Heart Transplant Treatment

1,00,000 USD

Also, Bumrungrad International Hospital offers online booking choices for different medical services, guaranteeing affordable and convincing access to healthcare.

One of the top medical facilities providing total knee replacement services is Bumrungrad. For further information, click this link: Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok

Total Knee Replacement charge in Bumrungrad Hospital

The total cost of TKR in Bumrungrad Hospital is $14000 and it may change depending on what type of treatment is utilized. The Knee substitute cost at Bumrungrad Hospital changes according to the type of operation, the implant used, and additional services needed. The patients can have the cost confirmed immediately for the estimated customized fee.

Kidney Transplant at Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the place where Bumrungrad Hospital provides Kidney Transplant treatment for $25,000. Dialysis is temporary and is an alternative to a kidney transplant which is the best permanent solution. It eliminates dialysis and has more visible clinical outcomes. Kidney transplant is ideally recommended for the treatment of kidney failure patients, who are in the state of end-stage kidney disease, and whose normal kidney function is impaired and the toxins, like urea and creatinine, build up in the body, affecting the overall body functioning.

Spine Surgery in Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

The treatment cost at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok is 9718 USD and it also has added facilities like language translation, family accommodation, etc. ESS is the surgical technique in which incisions of less than 1 inch and small tubular systems are combined with an endoscope to view the surgical field.

Hair Transplant Surgery price in Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok

Professional hair transplant treatment is available at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, for an effective price of $8000. Hair transplant surgery involves surgically transferring hair follicles from one body area to a balding region. The method and scope of the hair transplant transplant affect the rate. The cost is dependent on the different treatment options available in the hospital.

Hip Replacement Cost in Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, provides hip replacements, starting from $24000 depending on the treatment type, implant type, and individual wants. Hip replacements at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, contain surgically replacing a broken hip joint with an artificial one.

Scoliosis Spine Surgery Cost in Bumrungrad Hospital

Scoliosis spine surgery is a medical procedure that fixes abnormal curvature of the spine, often involving the arrangement of rods for stabilization. Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, offers scoliosis spine surgery at approximately $21,000 with a highly experienced medical team of surgeons. Prices may differ based on individual cases and other conditions.

Heart Transplant Cost in Bumrungrad Hospital

The cost of a Heart Transplant at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok is $1,00,000. A heart transplant is a surgical procedure that involves replacing a damaged heart with a healthy donor heart. The cost includes facilities with free Wi-Fi, family accommodation, patient translation services, etc. Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, provides many heart transplant techniques, replacing damaged hearts with a healthy donor organ.

Recognizing Bumrungrad Medical Center

Bumrungrad Hospital is a medical centre known for providing quality medical care to domestic and foreign patients. The hospital offers a range of medical specialities, such as cardiology, orthopaedics, cancer, and others. Bumrungrad's modern medical supplies, English-speaking personnel, and worldwide standards make it a famous choice among patients.


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