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Choose Best Oncologist for Cancer Treatment

What is Oncology?

According to National Cancer Institute, Oncology is the branch of medicine that is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Who are Oncologists?

A doctor who specializes in Oncology is known as an Oncologist. There are three types of Oncologists:


There are three main areas of treatment in Oncology.


Oncologists Mode of Treatment Treatment included
Medical oncologist Medication



Targeted therapy

Radiation Oncologist Radiation therapy Use of high-energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells.
Surgical Oncologist Surgery Removal of tumor.



Here is a list of medical terms of Oncologists specialized in treating patients suffering from particular cancer.

Oncologists  Treatment provided
Geriatric Oncologist Cancer of patients aged 65 and older.
Gynaecologist Oncologist Cancer of reproductive organs like the cervix, fallopian tube, ovaries, uterus, vagina, and vulva.
Pediatric Oncologist Cancer in children
Thoracic Oncologist  Cancer of the lungs, esophagus, and those of the chest area.
Neuro-Oncologist Cancer of the brain, spine, and nervous system.
Hematologic-Oncologists Cancer of the blood like myeloma, lymphoma, and leukemia
Urologic Oncologists Cancer of the genitourinary system like the kidney, bladder, prostate, penis, and testicles.

Choosing the Best Oncologist for Cancer Treatment

After a cancer diagnosis, the first question that comes to mind of patient and family members is, “Who is the best Oncologist for treatment?” 

to get more details on our hospitals, doctors, and treatment-related information.

How to Choose the Best Oncologist at Yapita Health?

You can visit our website and look for our Oncologist biography. We have provided detailed information about our doctors and hospitals. You can further refine your research based on location, department, etc.

10 Questions to ask yourself after a cancer diagnosis?

  1. Should I take a second opinion to plan my cancer treatment?

  2. How should I plan my cancer treatment treatment for the highest success rates?

  3. Should I consult doctors abroad for my cancer treatment?

  4. Should I travel abroad to get the best cancer treatment?

  5. How to plan travel abroad for cancer treatment?

  6. How to get a medical visa for cancer treatment?

  7. How i will be assisted in my travel by medical tourism company?

  8. For how long do I have to stay in the destination country for cancer treatment?

  9. Are treatment packages affordable?

  10. How will I get follow-ups after receiving cancer treatment?

Yapita Health has answers to all your questions

  • We provide the best second-opinion facilities to our patients. Our patients can choose a second opinion either in written form or in a combination of written and teleconsultation. The cost is affordable.

  • You should consult an experienced doctor/specialist based on the treatment required. We provide second-opinion services also to eliminate misdiagnosis and bypass unwanted procedures. Treatment planning at Yapita Health is done by a team of board-certified specialist doctors. The patient also has the option of planning a video consultation with the doctor to get all the questions answered in a destination country.

  • We can connect you to our board-certified specialist based on the type of cancer treatment required and make all your doubts cleared.

  • We have board-certified specialists and accredited hospitals abroad.

  • Yes, we provide the best healthcare services abroad. Patients prefer traveling abroad for treatment due to easy travel, affordable packages, experienced and specialist doctors, availability of advanced technologies, and the latest treatments. At Yapita Health, we have simplified medical travel for our patients and assist them throughout their treatment journey. We provide our patients with 24/7 support in the destination country.

  • Don't worry. Contact us. We will connect you to our expert doctor via online consultation to discuss a treatment plan. We will then assist you with visa, airport pick up and drop, finding accommodation, and all logistical needs you need in the destination country.

  • We will assist you in the visa process.

  • The stay in the destination country depends on the type of treatment required.

  • Yes, the treatment packages at Yapita Health are the most affordable as compared to other medical tourism companies.

After you receive the treatment at Yapita Health, we are in regular touch with you through online consultation services. We assure a peaceful follow-up period for our patients. For more details, visit our website.


Yapita Health is a pioneer in providing healthcare services worldwide. We have a global team of experts known providing the latest treatment to our patients with the highest success rates.

 Our hospitals are well-equipped with the latest technologies, advanced laboratories, physiotherapy centers, and robotic assistance.

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