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How to choose the best Hair Transplant Surgeon/Doctor

​A hair transplant is considered one of the most effective treatments to treat baldness, however, it is mandatory to research the medical experts and their level of expertise in hair transplant as the hair transplant procedure is complicated, so we should make sure to do a proper research in gaining the information regarding the doctor or specialist to whom we are consulting. There are uncountable medical centers that perform hair transplantation treatments and surgeries, but only a few are there to give the required results. To have a clear idea about this, here are 6 ways to choose the best Hair Transplant Surgeon/Doctor.

Degree and Certification

To ensure that you are with the right hair transplant specialist, you should make sure they hold a degree or certification from a reputed medical institute. Checking the educational qualifications will define that the doctor carries a certain level of expertise and knowledge in performing hair transplant procedures. He must carry an advanced level of qualification in treating hair transplant procedures and performing surgeries.

Experience and Skills

Another major thing is to check the level of experience and skills by seeing the number of years they have gained medical experience in hair transplant operations. The experience level will also give you a clear-cut idea of the professional knowledge of the doctor. To achieve a successful result in the hair transplant process, the surgeon must have a high level of experience and mastery.

Reputation in Hospital

The surgeon’s reputation among his colleagues, and patients will tell a lot about him, and through his past experiences, you will be able to grasp some information about his skill set and performance level. You can simply ask to see the past reviews of the patients and their contacts for interaction so that you can continue with further proceedings of the treatment.

Reviews and Records

Another important thing you can do is check all the reviews of the doctor from the patients he has treated and check their comments on their experience with the doctor. You can also see the records of the operations he has performed and based on these reviews and records, you will have an idea of the doctor’s expertise and performance level.

Scientific Conferences

The scientific conferences and meetings also tell a lot about the doctor’s knowledge and expertise. Sharing knowledge and mindset about hair transplantation and its major benefits reveals so many things about the medical expert. Regular involvement in national and international meetings and conferences makes his reputation high and it will add great value to his professionalism. Through conference communication, we can measure the intelligence level and thought process of the surgeon.

Hair Transplantation Methods

The doctor should be familiar with several hair transplanting methods and procedures. He should be comfortable as well as flexible in treating the hair surgeries. He should be able to switch techniques between the procedures without any doubt and be knowledgeable about the techniques and types of equipment that are being used in the process. The more methods he is an expert in, the higher would be the possibilities of required fulfilments.


If you want your hair treatment to be successful, then you must continue with the doctor’s research by keeping these points in mind, so that there will not be a single confusion in choosing the right medical center and the well-experienced and knowledgeable doctor or surgeon. From checking patient reviews to seeing the success rate of a doctor, if everything is clear then you can be satisfied in getting a hair transplant treatment, and for a better experience, one should always do proper research about the medical expert as Hair makes the person more confident.

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