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Medical Visa in India - Cost and Timeline

India has emerged as a leading destination for medical tourism, offering world-class healthcare services at competitive prices. For individuals seeking medical treatment in India, obtaining a medical visa is a crucial step in the process. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the cost and timeline associated with obtaining a medical visa for India.

Understanding the Medical Visa

A medical visa is specifically designed for individuals traveling to India for medical treatment. It allows patients to seek specialized medical care in Indian hospitals and healthcare facilities. Medical visas are typically granted for a duration that corresponds to the treatment plan, with options for extension if necessary.

Cost of Medical Visa

The cost of a medical visa for India varies depending on several factors, including the nationality of the applicant, the duration of the visa, and additional processing fees. On average, the cost of a medical visa ranges from $50 to $150. However, applicants should check with their nearest Indian consulate or embassy for the most up-to-date fee structure.

Timeline for Medical Visa Processing

The timeline for processing a medical visa for India can vary based on several factors, including the efficiency of the application process and any additional documentation required. On average, the processing time for a medical visa ranges from 2 to 10 working days. However, it is advisable to apply well in advance of the intended travel dates to account for any potential delays.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining a Medical Visa:

  • Consultation with Healthcare Provider: Before applying for a medical visa, patients should consult with their healthcare provider in India to determine the appropriate treatment plan and obtain necessary documentation, such as medical reports and treatment estimates.

  • Complete Visa Application Form: Applicants must complete the online visa application form available on the official website of the Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC). The form requires details such as personal information, passport details, and the purpose of travel.

  • Gather Required Documents: Along with the visa application form, applicants must submit supporting documents, including a passport-sized photograph, a copy of the passport bio-page, medical reports confirming the need for treatment in India, and a letter from the healthcare provider in India detailing the treatment plan.

  • Schedule Visa Appointment: After completing the application form and gathering the required documents, applicants must schedule an appointment at the nearest Indian consulate or embassy for biometric data submission and visa interview, if applicable.

  • Attend Visa Appointment: On the scheduled date, applicants must visit the Indian consulate or embassy to submit their biometric data (if required) and attend the visa interview. During the interview, applicants may be asked questions about their medical condition, treatment plan, and financial arrangements.

  • Track Visa Application Status: After the visa interview, applicants can track the status of their visa application online using the reference number provided during the application process. Once the visa is processed, applicants will receive an email notification with instructions for passport collection.

  • Travel to India: Upon receiving the medical visa, applicants can make travel arrangements to India for their medical treatment. It is essential to carry a printed copy of the visa approval letter and other relevant documents while traveling.


In conclusion, obtaining a medical visa for India entails careful planning, documentation, and adherence to the visa application process. Despite the potential variations in cost and processing time, patients can benefit from India's renowned healthcare services at competitive prices. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, individuals can navigate the visa application process with confidence and embark on their medical journey to India for specialized treatment. With India's commitment to excellence in healthcare, patients can expect quality care and optimal outcomes, making their medical tourism experience both rewarding and fulfilling.

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