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Beatrice's success story of cervical cancer at Yapita Health


At age 41, Beatrice came to know about her diagnosis of cervical cancer. She decided to choose the best treatment to cure cervical cancer. She knew she had to move abroad from Nairobi, Kenya, to receive the best treatment. During her internet research, she came to know about Yapita health. Going through the website and after reading all details about hospitals, specialist doctors, facilities, and affordable treatment plans, she decided to contact us.

After submitting the documents, she was connected to our renowned Specialist, Dr Amita Mahajan. She got all her questions answered and decided to come to India for treatment.

I did not face even the slightest difficulty during my travel to India. My executive of Yapita Health completely assisted me. My treatment journey was really a simplified one, says Beatrice.

When I came to India, the quality treatment provided to me invoked confidence, trust, and security in me. Yapita Health throughout my treatment journey cared for my needs including a private room, telephone, TV, and other services. She said I was in continuous touch with my parents who were worried about my treatment.

Beatrice Wachuka Mathini underwent Chemotherapy with Radical Hysterectomy at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi under Dr. Amita Mahajan. Her length of stay in the Hospital was 3 for surgery / Chemo on a daycare basis. She stayed in India for 45 days.


                                Beatrice Cervical Cancer at Yapitahealth
 Beatrice Experience with YapitaHealth

My treatment experience was exceptional at Yapita Health. Getting treated by the best doctor with the latest technologies was all I needed and I was lucky to get in touch with the right doctor at the right time. My treatment package was affordable, she said.

On the last day of treatment, we asked Beatrice what she had to say about Yapita's health, she said with a smile, “I am happy. I am satisfied.”

Cervical cancer is the most curable cancer when detected in the early stages. There are many success stories like that of Beatrice at Yapita Health. We are pioneer in providing healthcare services abroad.

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