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Grace's Knee Replacement Journey: A Success Story with Yapita Health

Grace Lewa, age 59 from Nairobi, Kenya visited our hospital for Unilateral Knee replacement surgery with a ceramic knee.

Asking her about her treatment journey, it all began when she started experiencing severe pain in the right knee with restricted mobility. “I really wanted to get rid of the pain I was experiencing. I could not do my daily routine task. I took treatment, medication, meditation, and physiotherapy, but nothing was working out, my pain was increasing day by day. I was in stress,” says Grace.

She was looking for knee replacement and came across Yapita health website. We got in touch and connected her to our Orthopedic surgeon to plan her treatment further.

Our team assisted her throughout the process and she came to India with her daughter for treatment.

Our Dr. JBS Jaggi treated her at our multispecialty hospital. She stayed 5 days in the hospital and spent a total of 23 days in India. After knee replacement surgery, she was started with physiotherapy. We appreciate her cooperation throughout the treatment journey. She was regularly under the guidance of our experts.



She said, “My experience at Yapita Health was excellent. I am very happy and satisfied with the quality of healthcare services provided to me by Yapita Health. Getting back on my feet again is no less than a miracle to me. I can walk without any support now. I feel independent. As promised, I was provided regular follow-up services via teleconsultation.”

It's a new journey for Grace. 

I am happy to see my mother walking painlessly. I can't thank you enough Yapita Health for the care and support they provided to us, says Grace’s daughter.

We are happy to be a part of thousands of patients' journeys in improving their quality of life by providing them with the best treatment.

There are many patients like Grace who are able to walk without pain and support after knee replacement. Her success story is an inspiring one for those who are suffering from chronic knee pain and looking for treatment to improve their quality of life.

Yapita Health's experienced surgeons are treating patients worldwide using the latest technologies.

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