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Mr. Rukkaya Uzaik's Success story of Gynecology treatment at Max Hospital, Gurgaon

Ms. Rukayya Uzairu Iliya from Nigeria came to India for the Gynecology treatment. Let's read her success story.

A patient named Ms. Rukkaya Uairu Iliya wanted a Gynecology treatment and knew she had to move abroad from Nigeria, to receive the best treatment. While searching the internet, she came to know about Yapita health. Going through the website and after reading all the details about hospitals, specialist doctors, facilities, and affordable treatment plans, she decided to contact us.

Before the treatment, the consultation took place including Gynecology specialists, and further treatment was planned. During the consultation, she got her doubts clear and then she decided to move forward with the treatment. The case manager helped her with visa confirmation and she came to India. Ms. Rukkaya was provided with some important information about Paras Hospital Gurgaon, including its state-of-the-art facilities, accreditations, facilities like private rooms, patient-friendly environment, and accommodation.

The hospital facilities offered Ms. Rukkaya a few nearby residence options, and she selected the most satisfactory one for her price range. The patient also received various extra services including managing the patient’s hospital meetings and appointments, airport bookings, treatment procedures, and other services and information.

Paras Hospital is a reputed hospital and NABH accredited. The super specialty hospital offers 55 medical specialties in total. It specializes in Neurosciences (Neurology and neuro-surgery), Cardiac Sciences (Cardiology and cardio-thoracic Surgery), Orthopaedics (Trauma, Joint Replacement, and spine Surgery), and Mother and Child Care. It also contains a clinical laboratory of the hospital which is NABL accredited. The hospital has won many awards, including the First neuroscience center in the region to operate on deep-seated tumors, and the First private hospital of Delhi NCR to stand-alone image-guided tumor navigation surgery technology.

Ms. Rukkaya was treated by our well-known Gynecologist Dr. Alka Kriplani at Paras Hospital, Gurgaon who carries more than 3 decades of experience as a Gynecologist. The major aim of the full pre-treatment checkup and evaluation was to reduce the patient’s risk of problems as much as possible. Additionally, it assisted in directing Dr. Alka Kriplani and her medical staff toward a process with all factors taken into charge at the best moment possible, including medical therapy, on-ground support, management during the medical process, forex exchange, post-treatment discomfort management, follow-up care, etc.

The patient felt comfort after Dr. Alka Kriplani completed the Gynecology treatment. The procedure began with the patient receiving pre-treatment service, which was followed by a treatment process, which took a few hours. Ms Rukkaya was shortly taken out of the treatment room for observation. She was kept under close supervision, informed of routine follow-ups, and given post-operative care instructions by the doctor.

When we asked Ms. Rukkaya about the experience, she said that it was a great experience at the hospital’s facilities and with Dr. Alka Kriplani’s medical services. I appreciate Dr. Alka Kriplani, Paras Hospital, and the team of Yapita Health for making sure that I get the best Treatment. I recommend Yapita Health for medical assistance in India, says Rukkaya.

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