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DHI: The Advanced Hair Transplant Technique for Natural Results

Experience the transformative power of DHI Hair Transplantation, a  solution to hair loss. Our skilled team utilizes techniques to restore your natural hairline.

Both men and women experience hair loss by age 50. Hair transplant is the permanent solution to those fighting baldness. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are the two hair transplant techniques.

Direct hair implantation or DHI hair transplant is a modification of the FUE technique which is performed using pen-shaped tools.

The procedure is similar to FUE hair transplant and may take 8 hours to complete.

What are the causes of hair loss?

The causes of hair loss are:

·   Genetics

·   Medications

·   Hormonal

·   Anemia

·   Thyroid

·   Psychological

Who is the DHI Technique Suitable for?

DHI is highly suitable for women because it does not require shaving. In men, DHI has given excellent results for hair loss on top of the head.

Eyebrow Transplantation with DHI Technique

DHI technique is preferred for eyebrow transplantation due to many reasons:

·   Removal of eyebrows in healthy way.

·   More natural results and esthetically pleasing

·   Painless

·   Safe

Beard Transplantation with DHI Technique

DHI technique is good option for those having reduced hair in beard. Healthy hair follicles are collected from the back of the head.

It would be interesting to note that hair follicles are taken from the area behind the ear because these are very strong, difficult to shed and healthy.

Indications of DHI procedure:

The following are the best indication of DHI hair transplant:

·   Androgenic alopecia.

·   Hair loss at young age

·   Thick hair

·   Good donor hair density

·   Realistic expectations.

DHI vs. FUE and FUT hair transplant: Know the difference



Patient experiences pain after the procedure. There is no pain after the procedure.
Stiches are required No stiches are required.
There may be bleeding during and after the procedure. There is no bleeding during and after the procedure.
Healing time in donor area is 2-3 weeks Healing time in donor area is 7 days
Healing time in recipient area is 14 days Healing time in recipient area is 8-12 days 
Recovery time is 2-3 weeks Recovery time is 1-2 weeks
Scars are visible. Scars are not visible.
Extensive graft preparation Minimum graft preparation
More armamentarium required Less armamentarium required

Steps in DHI hair transplant

·   Removal of hair follicles using specialist tool of diameter 1 mm.

·   Loading of hair implants into an implant device called Choi Implanter Pen.

·   The implantation is done directly into the recipient area.

·   Channels creation and the implantation are completed at the same time.

·   There is more control of the angle, direction and depth of the newly transplanted hair.

·   Hair follicles are transplanted at an angle of 40 – 45 degrees.

·   The CHOI needle has the feature of pushing the hair follicles inside.


What Is the Difference Between FUE and DHI?

In FUE hair transplantation, the channels are opened before implantation and surgeon manually implants the extracted grafts. In DHI, special tool called Choi Implanter Pen is used so implantation is performed immediately after extraction.

DHI hair transplant is safe, painless and less invasive. Overall the procedure is painless due to application of local anesthesia.

Natural looking results depends on surgeons expertise.

DHI hair transplant cost

The cost of DHI hair transplant depends upon the following factors:

·   Country/City in which hair transplant procedure is performed like Turkey is famous for hair transplant.

·   Number of hair graft to be transplanted

·   Surgeons experience

What are the benefits of DHI hair transplant?

The benefits of DHI Hair transplant are:

·   No surgery

·   No stiches

·   No scars

·   Healthy hair growth as Hair follicles remain under the skin for a long time.

·   More hair density

·   The is low risk of losing healthy hair follicles, that is, dying, is very low.

·   Low rate of infection

·   Low risk of bleeding.

·   Easy and fast recovery

·   No need of shaving

·   Quick resume of daily activities.


Overall, DHI is safe and better hair transplant option. The procedure is minimally invasive and is completely safe.

The experience of hair transplant surgeon matters because it directly impacts the natural looks of hair transplant.

If you are planning for hair transplant, we have best and affordable packages globally.

Contact us for more details.

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Hair transplation DHI cost

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Hair transplation DHI cost

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