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Top 10 Medical Tourism Company in India

Top 10 Medical Tourism Companies in India: Promoting Healthcare Solutions

India has taken the focus of medical tourism in recent years as it has the most cost-friendly healthcare facilities hospitals, medical experts and the latest techniques. Different patients come from different parts of the world to access the best and most affordable medical treatment facilities and medical value travel. These are some of the medical tourism companies in India that are matching up the expectations of foreign patients with world-class medical services:

Yapita Health

India's leading medical tourism provider, Yapita Health, has been, over the years, a company providing customized care and healthcare support to patients seeking medical treatment in India from across the globe. From the first visit to the full treatment process, Yapita Health can provide continuous medical services through its wide network of hospitals and medical experts.


The medical tourism in India has another strong player, Vaidam, which has become a famous name for its wide range of offerings and patient-care systems. The website- Vaidam, on the other hand, helps patients in their decision-making process, including lodging and travel, by helping them select hospitals that have been approved.

Clinic spots

Clinicspots offers various medical specialities, including cardiology, orthopaedics, cosmetic surgery, and other treatments. Apart from this, the clinic spots are a popular name in medical tourism. Patients who seek treatment in India will have a care-free experience because Clinicspots has a team of experts and a user-friendly website.

Go Medii

Go Medii provides personalized medical tourism solutions to meet the specific requirements of patients from abroad. Patients seeking treatment in India may be assured of comfort and convenience as Go Medii assists with every step of the healthcare process, from language interpretation services to visa help.


One of the top portals for medical tourism is Medsurge, which provides a wide choice of medical treatments in several specializations. The portal lets patients read reviews, compare treatment alternatives, and get in touch with approved physicians and hospitals.


The main objective of Credihealth is to provide foreign patients with a chance to receive healthcare of high quality but not too expensive as the medical tourism company. Given that Credihealth is committed to personalized care and attention, the team of competent professionals will be there for the patient every step of the way.


With the provision of medical treatments and surgical procedures from various specializations, HealthTrip is very popular in the field of medical tourism and competence. The business has opted to be patient-centred as its main goal, which is to provide full support and assistance during the entire process of treatment.


Lyfboat is a trusted portal for medical tourism that connects patients to qualified Indian hospitals and doctors. The website is designed to ensure patients who are seeking treatment abroad have a hassle-free experience by offering individualized support with treatment planning, travel arrangements, and post-operative care.

Edha Care

Edha Care, a well-known medical tourism company, has partnered with several renowned Indian clinics and hospitals to provide the opportunity to receive high-quality, reasonably priced medical care. International patients will be able to choose from a wide range of medical services and procedures provided by Edha Care, with a great focus on patients' safety and life satisfaction.


To increase medical tourists in India, Mediconnect offers patients from abroad healthcare solutions at one stop. The company provides care for the patient across several medical specialities, thus ensuring transparency, affordability and high quality all the way.

Overall such businesses not only make India a top medical tourism destination by their knowledge, wide networks and patient-centred culture but also by their knowledge, wide networks and patient-centred culture. These businesses have made it possible for people to find affordable yet high-quality healthcare solutions by matching them with many hospitals and healthcare professionals. Thus, the overall healthcare system has been improved in India.

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