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Why Turkey is the Best Destination for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism means moving from one country to the other to seek quality treatment. It is one of the most rapidly emerging and expanding sectors. The option is preferable due to ample opportunities for healthcare facilities in countries like India, Turkey, Thailand, etc.

Turkey has natural beauty and is a famous holiday spot. Not only this, Turkey is among the best countries for medical tourism in providing not only leisure options, but also countless opportunities for availing affordable and quality medical care for both diagnosis and treatment. The most popular treatment in Turkey includes cosmetic surgeries, cancer treatment, organ transplantation, bone marrow transplant, hair transplant, and many other targeted therapies.

Reasons why Turkey is a top medical destination

The countless benefits of getting treatment from Turkey include:

Leisure Destination: Turkey is the best place not only for treatment but also for recovery. The beauty of Turkey can help patients take the best recovery route by choosing a variety of excursions, traditional attractions, and many more destinations. Istanbul, Balcova, Ankara, and Konak are the best places to explore in Turkey and are the best vacation options.


Convenient Location and Easy Travel: Medical tourism companies allow easy travel to international patients including assistance with visa and air tickets, airport transfer, accommodations, translator facilities, and 24/7 support. Also, Istanbul Airport is the biggest airport in the world. It is a huge achievement of the Turkish Government. By 2025, the airport is expected to host more than 200 million passengers.


Affordability: It is possible to avail the quality treatment in Turkey with affordable treatment packages. 


Innovative Treatment Options: Modern diagnostic and treatment technologies are dominant in Istanbul and Ankara. Turkish hospitals have high-end technological tools and equipment like CyberKnife M6, Robotic surgery, PET/CT, advanced radiological equipment, advanced radiation oncology technologies, advanced point-of-care devices, wound management devices, dental equipment, health IT solutions, and latest telemedicine systems.


JCI-Accredited Hospitals: Accreditation ensures healthcare facilities' compliance with internationally recognized standards and quality patient care.


Experienced Doctors and Treatment: Turkey has leading Neurologists, Ophthalmologists, and Oncohematologists accounting for the biggest role and contribution in neuro treatment, advanced eye surgeries, cancer treatment, and bone marrow transplants. Commonly performed eye surgeries in Turkey are LASIK, Cataract, PRK, and Smart Intraocular Lens Implants.


Advanced Cancer Treatment: Turkey is a hub of well-trained Oncologists and is known for providing cancer treatment using the latest tools and technologies.


Cardiac Treatment: Doctors in Turkey are pioneers in using modern prostheses, pacemakers, and robotic heart surgeries meeting international requirements. For doctors in Turkey, the option of bypass surgery using the Da Vinci robot is available.


Cosmetic Surgeries: Cosmetic surgeries in Turkey are 70% less expensive when compared to other countries. This is the best opportunity for those looking for both quality and affordability when it comes to cosmetic treatment.


Organ Transplantation: Millions of patients visit Turkey every year for medical procedures like kidney transplants and liver transplants.


Patient preference: The choice differs for both men and women when it comes to aesthetic or cosmetic treatment in Turkey. Women prefer Turkey for rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction, facelift surgeries, and liposuction (innovative Hi Def (high-definition liposuction method) while men visit Turkey mainly for beard transplants, hair transplants, and dental treatments.


Exceptional Treatment Packages: The special packages in Turkey ensure that visitors have a trouble-free stay. Medical tourists have the opportunity to enjoy various healthcare programs. Accommodations are very comfortable at a low cost by taking advantage of tourism packages in Turkey. Many packages have food and drinks, and VIP transfer means all-inclusive transfer services from the airport to the treatment process.


No Language Barrier: In Turkey, tourists are provided with interpretation or translation services. One can speak in their preferred language and there is no barrier to efficient communication.


Dedicated Executive Support: Medical tourism companies provide 24/7 on-ground support in the destination country. One need not worry about their visit abroad. The main responsibility of the medical tourism company is to guide their patients well and make their treatment journey super easy and comfortable.


No Wait Times: The biggest advantage of getting treatment in Turkey is that one can bypass the heavy wait times associated with the treatment.


Peace of Mind: One of the biggest requirements for a patient is to achieve mental peace not only before treatment but also after receiving treatment. Medical tourism boosts your mental health and one can enjoy a vacation with treatment.

Cosmetic Treatment in Turkey : A Perfect Cosmetic Solution

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Hair loss is one of the common causes of esthetic concern. It is a commonly performed esthetic procedure.  One of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in Turkey is a Hair transplant with 100% success rates at cheaper prices compared to the other countries.


Dental Treatment in Turkey: Quality dental treatment and complete solutions to dental problems including crowns, veneers, implants, and teeth whitening or bleaching at affordable prices is the main reason why tourists come to Turkey for dental treatment.


Plastic Surgery: Turkey is the first choice to get the best plastic surgery including breast reduction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, gynecomastia, otoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, forehead reduction, neck lifts, chin implants, lip fillers, breast augmentation, and many more procedures. Turkey has the world’s renowned plastic surgeons. The implants used are of the highest quality.



Medical tourism helps you find the best countries with better technological tools and equipment for receiving high-end treatments. Doctors’ skills and expertise, cutting-edge technology, and high-tech devices speak a lot of why Turkey is a famous medical tourism destination.

Before traveling, patients consult the doctor before the surgery. Medical tourist companies assist the patient throughout the journey with visa assistance, air tickets, fit-to-fly certification, and much more.

Yapita Health is an emerging medical tourism company. Looking for treatment in Turkey?? Contact us. We will book your free appointment with the doctor, know more about our best surgeon, compare the prices, and plan your treatment journey with us.


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