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8 Yoga Asanas That Can Help With Hair Growth

Yoga Asana is considered one of the most beneficial practices for a healthy mind, body, and soul. It also helps to maintain healthy hair and those who don’t need good hair growth along with a natural bounce and shine. Having good hair days is near to a miracle and to make this miracle a part of your lifestyle, here are 8 types of yoga asanas that will help your hair gain better growth naturally.


It is a shoulder-standing yoga asana that helps in maintaining healthy functioning of the respiratory system, blood flow, and thyroid gland.


Lie down on the back in a straight position and slightly lift your legs in an upward direction. Keep your palms on the lower back and hip area to support your back. Now, pull your legs and lower back upwards so that your whole body will be supported by your hands and shoulders. Then, gently lower the back and keep your legs down slowly so that the back pain can be avoided. Gently massage your scalp after completing which will help to stimulate the hair follicles.


This is a major part of pranayama which enhances brain cells to gain more oxygen and also helps to extract harmful toxins from our body. Kapalbhati is also beneficial in reducing fat from the body and curing diabetes.


Sit in a crossed-leg pose and put your palm on the navel for relaxation, then pull your stomach inwards with a strong air exhaling from the nose. Wait a couple of a second then repeat the exhaling process. Do it 10-15 times, then relax and repeat the same procedure for a couple of minutes.


It is a triangle posture yoga asana which is beneficial in maintaining the balance of the mind and keeping it relaxed.


Stand straight and then separate your feet slowly wide apart. Bend sidewards raising your hands on your shoulder level and keeping your legs and spine straight. Try to touch your toes with your hands keeping the arms straight and keep the focus of your eyes ahead. Keep maintaining this position for a few seconds along with your breath control. Slowly stand straight during inhale.


Balasana is a child’s pose which is helpful in stress relieving, and keeping the mind fresh and calm. This asana effectively helps in hair growth and increases its volume, it also improves reproductive and adrenal glands.


Sit down with your knees folded and inhale, stretch your hands in an upward direction, and then exhale. Bend down to touch your palms and forehead on the ground along with your elbows. Maintain this pose for at least 30 seconds while focusing on your breathing.


This is the most simple yet powerful and effective pose which deals with stomach-related issues, helps in strong digestion, and prevents hair problems.

Sit down by folding your knees and sit on your heels keeping them close. Keep your back and neck in a straight position. Keep your palms on your thighs and be relaxed. Look straight ahead and sit for half a minute along with a deep inhaling and exhaling. After you finish, stretch a little bit and then relax.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

It is also known as Parvat Asana and called Mountain Pose in English. It is beneficial in improving blood flow to the scalp and helps to nourish and strengthen hair roots.


Stand on your palms and feet. Keep your legs and arms straight and gently line up your hands with your shoulders to form a mountain-shaped pose. You should be turning towards your navel and your ears should be touching your inner arms. Be in this position for a few seconds and then slowly come back to your normal standing position.


It is the yoga asana that helps in the smooth circulation of blood flow to the brain and results in better hair growth.


Sit on your knees and bend half backward. Your hands should be backward touching your feet. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds to a minute while breathing normally. Come back to your normal posture while exhaling.


It is also known as the rabbit pose which is useful in hair fall control and making your hair soft and silky just like a rabbit’s hair.


Sit on your knees first and bend forward so that you can touch the ground with your head. Keep your hands backward touching your feet. Maintain this position for half a minute and focus on your breathing. Come back to your original pose while exhaling.

Yoga is primarily the most effective way to treat hair fall, hair damage, and scalp problems. It not only deals with health issues but also improves our lifestyle in an effective way by keeping our minds calm and relaxed in our busy schedules. Hair problem is a sign of a lot of health issues and one should never ignore it, Practicing yoga even for a few minutes could be a beneficial way to prevent diseases that can be harmful to our body and brain.

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