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General information on registration and data processing

What do we offer you?

Yapita Health allows you to create personal patient profile and helps you to find best and affordable health care and all others services free of cost using the

Once you register with us and provide us all the documents like prescription, medical reports, scan reports, etc, we would start looking for the best health care facilities at your budget. We also note your preferences like preferred city, budget, department, treatment type and based on your preferences, we gather a list of preferred health care facilities and provide it to you, so that you can make a wise desicion on your healthcare descicion.

Additionally, we provide you ground support for all your travel related queries, forex exchange, bill settlements, telemedicines and many more.

Patients/user can access their data through the profile page and modify their details whenever they want. They can also delete their details in the account section of the profile page. Once the details are deleted, we won't possess any patient data.

In addition to finding the best healthcare option for you, we provide you regular notifications on the updates about your healthcare plans through email and Whatsapp which you could also unsubscribe if you don't need further updates.

Our user data is not sold or neither used for any service other than what we offer. Once you register, we just pass our data to our network hospital partners to provide us best medical opinion based on doctor's consultations.

How is your data used?

The stored data is used within the scope of the services offered by Yapita Health PVT LTD:

1) Providing best medical opinion:

We process your personal and preferences data and encrypt personal information which we then pass it to out network hospitals for getting the best medical opinion for you. Once we receive medical opinion, we process the data and add your personal information to it.

We provide patients/user with best medical opinion via email, SMS or Whatsapp. User is finally presented with list of medical options ranging from different budgets and locations.

Once you confirm your healthcare facility and agreed to avail our service, then we pass your personal details to our network hospitals for further processing of medical needs. After you complete the process, we ask for your valuable feedback that we use it to improve our service.

2) Providing Travel related assistance

Once you confirm your hospital for your treatment, we request you to provide us your travel documents like passport, existing visa, refugee documents etc. to proccess your VISA. These details, we provide it to our network hospital to get medical letter of intent for your medical VISA appointment.

All the travel related data are processed on our side to provide you better ground assistance on your arrival. These datas are cleaned up regularily from time to time once the operational support is over.

We also note down all your data related to your travel needs such forex currency, hotel stay, cab services inorder to help you obtain a better customer experience.

- 01 Jan 2022

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