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Dr. Ahmet Murat

Senior Hair Transplant Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgeon


Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery


Hermest Clinic Istanbul


14 years of experience


Specialist Dr. Ahmet MURAT completed his undergraduate education, which he started at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, and received the title of Doctor of Medicine.

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Procedures Dr. Ahmet Murat

Hair Transplant


  • Dr. Ahmet Murat, a hair transplant specialist, has made a revolutionary contribution to the industry. His reputation has now crossed the boundary beyond Turkey. Although Turkey currently has well-known hair transplant experts, Dr. Ahmet Murat has gained a prestigious position with his consistent effort and dedication.
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Istanbul, formerly regarded as the geographic centre of the globe, is now regarded as the epicentre of hair transplantation procedures. It has long been the most popular location for hair transplantation because of the low cost and the satisfactory outcomes. Using cutting-edge technology and years of expertise, Hermest Hair Clinic has attained up to 99 percent success rates in hair transplantation (At least according to themselfes). This has enabled the clinic to deliver results that are noticeable when using contemporary hair transplantation techniques. It provides permanent hair loss treatments that are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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