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Dr. Alaattin Ozturk

General Surgeon

General Surgery and Treatments


General Surgery


Lokman Hekin, Istanbul - Turkey


25 years of experience


  • Studied at the Uludag University, Medical School (1987-1993).

  • Studied at the Haydarpasa Numune Hospital, General Surgery Department (1993-1998).

  • Positioned as an Assistant Associate Doctor at the Fatih University (2014-2016).

  • Worked at the Private Ersoy Hospital (1998-2003).

  • Worked at the Kizilay Altintepe Medical Institute (2003-2008).

  • Recieved experience at the Private Sema Hospital (2006-2014).

  • Gained experience at the Fatih University, Faculty of Medicine (2014-2016).

  • Worked at Private Yunus Emre Hospital (2016-2017).

  • Worked at Private Adatip Hospital (2017-2022).

  • Presently providing medical services at the Lokman Hekim Hospital, Istanbul since 2022.

  • Holds membership of the Istanbul Medical Chamber.

  • Holds membership in the Turkish Surgical Association.

  • Carries membership of the Istanbul Surgical Association.

  • Carries membership of the Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery Association.

  • Gained more than 25 years of expertise in General Surgery.

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Procedures Dr. Alaattin Ozturk

General Surgery


  • Dr. Alaattin Ozturk is a renowned general surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Holds more than 25 years of experience as a General Surgeon.
  • Popularly known as a dedicated and well-experienced Surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Areas of specialization include Simultaneous Laparoscopic Appendectomy and Cholecystectomy Experience, Gallstone, Surgical disease treatment, Obstructive Jaundice, Breast Surgery, Gallbladder surgeries, Goiter surgeries, Ingrown Hair Surgery, and many more.
  • Received medical experience at several medical centers including Private Ersoy Hospital (1998-2003), Kizi lay Altin Tepe Medical Institute (2003-2008), Private Sema Hospital (2006-2014), Private Yunus Emre Hospital (2016-2017), Private Adatip Hospital (2017-2022), and Lokman Hekim Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Holds memberships of Istanbul Medical Chamber, Istanbul Surgical Association, Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery Association, and Turkish Surgical Association.
  • Serving as a General Surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • At present, he is providing medical services at Lokman Hekim Hospital, in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Fluently speaks the English Language.
  • Published more than 21 articles including Recommendations for patients who will have surgery, Diseases seen in the Anal area, Gynecomastia, Information about Hernias, Ingrown Nails, Pilonidal Sinus, Hemorrhoids Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment, and many more.
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Lokman Hekim Health Group started its journey in the health sector as a polyclinic in Ankara's Kurtuluş district with the aim of becoming the top-of-mind brand institution for hospitals. The group's motto, "Your Healing Door," was brought to life with the opening of the first door of healing. Since its establishment, Lokman Hekim Health Group has been committed to providing the best service with expert staff and a sense of corporate responsibility. By closely following technological advancements in the sector, Lokman Hekim ensures that its patients receive the highest level of technology in diagnosis and treatment. With state-of-the-art imaging units and laboratories, Lokman Hekim Health Group offers patients a safe and comfortable treatment environment. While staying true to the traditions, culture, and people of its birthplace, Lokman Hekim aims to act as a bridge between scientific medicine in the East and modern medicine in the West.

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