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Dr. Birol Vural

IVF Surgeon





Medicana Istanbul


20 years of experience


  • Educated from Hacttepe University School of Medicine (1998).

  • Studied from Sglik Bilimeri University Ankara Numune Hospital (1994).

  • Worked at Istanbul German Hospital and Istanbul American Hospital in 1998 and Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

  • Placed in Kocaeli University School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor (1996-2001).

  • Associate professor in Kocaeli University School of Medicine (2001-2009).

  • Was an associate professor at Kocaeli University School of Medicine (2009-2011).

  • Worked as MD Professor in Kocaeli University School of Medicine(2011-2019).

  • Mainly performs In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Fertility.

  • Acts as a member of the Turkish Medical Association under the Turkish Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

  • Holds two decades of experience in working as a Gynaecologist in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Working as a Principal Consultant and IVF Specialist at Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Holds around 40 national and International publications in medical science.

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Procedures Dr. Birol Vural

IVF and Infertility Treatment


  • Dr. Birol Vural is a well-known Gynecologist, Obstetrician, and Principal Consultant in Turkey.
  • Expertise in the field of medical science for 20 years as a Gynecologist in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Areas of specialization include Pregnancy, Gynecological cancer treatments, IVF with donor eggs, and Infertility treatment process.
  • Has experience in several hospitals which are Ustanbul Haydarpasa, Saimbeyli Central Health Center, Kocaeli University, Numune Hospital, and Ankara Numune Hospital.
  • Presently working at Medicana Camlica Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Worked in the Reproductive Techniques Center at Istanbul German Hospital.
  • Previously positioned as an Assistant Professor at Kocaeli University School of Medicine and Kocaeli Acibadem Hospital.
  • Placed as MD Professor of Medicine at Kocaeli University School of Medicine.
  • His areas of specialization include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and infertility Treatment.
  • He has around 40 National and International publications and has also been invited as a Guest Speaker in Medical science conferences and shares his observations in Gynecology related procedures and surgeries.
  • His publications include Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome: A Case Report, Study of Mass Cells in Peritoneal Adhesion Formation, Neutrophils Role in Peritoneal Adhesis, Reduction of Adhesion Formation in a Uterine Horn Model, and does the
  • Intrauterine Device Carry the Risk of Immunity to sperm.
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Since 1992, Medicana Health Group sustains its progression on the way to determine the standards of future healthcare services. Today, Medicana Health Group, which carries on its activities in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Konya, Samsun and Sivas constantly provides the most advanced healthcare services in all aspects of health through 14 hospitals and over 10 thousand employees. Medicana Health Group not only pioneered the development of health tourism in our country, but it also became one of the important centers in the treatment of international patients in multidisciplinary healthcare. In order to provide sustainable healthcare services, many offices have been established at important locations in the world.

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