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Dr. Charanjeet Singh Dhillon

Director- Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery


Spine Surgery


MIOT International, Chennai


17 years of experience


  • Did DNB in 2004 in Orthopaedics/Orthopaedic Surgery under the National Board of Examination, India.

  • Placed as the AO Spine delegate representative for South India.

  • He is also an Executive Committee Member of the ASSI.

  • Completed more than 800 surgeries with minimal complications.

  • Currently, he works at the MIOT International, Chennai.

  • Positioned as the Director of Spine Surgery in Chennai.

  • Special interests include Fracture Treatment, Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Joint Replacement Surgeons, Spine-Cervical, Disc-herniation of back or neck, Trauma of the Spine, Degenerative disc conditions including Osteoarthritis, Failed-back syndrome, Infections of the spine, Osteoporosis, Disc-herniation of back or neck, Trauma of the Spine, Degenerative disc conditions including Osteoarthritis, Tumours in the spine, etc.

  • Holds membership in the Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI).

  • Holds membership in the Bombay Orthopaedic Society.

  • Holds membership in the Spinal Cord Society of India, and the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeons of India.

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Procedures Dr. Charanjeet Singh Dhillon

Spine Surgery


  • Dr. Charanjeet Singh Dhillon, a highly skilled Spine Surgeon in Chennai, is recognized for his proficiency in addressing a wide array of spinal disorders.
  • He has over 17 years of experience as a Spine Surgeon.
  • With extensive training and experience, Dr. Dhillon is dedicated to providing comprehensive and patient-centric care.
  • He received a Gold medal in the subject of Pathology during his Second year of M.B.B.S in March 1996.
  • His expertise encompasses both non-surgical and surgical interventions, including minimally invasive spine surgeries, spinal deformity corrections, and treatments for degenerative spine conditions.
  • Dr. Dhillon employs advanced technologies and evidence-based practices to ensure precise diagnoses and effective outcomes.
  • As a committed healthcare professional, Dr. Charanjeet Singh Dhillon emphasizes patient education, involving individuals in their treatment decisions.
  • He is associated with reputable medical institutions, contributing to the advancement of spinal care through his clinical excellence and research contributions.
  • Dr. Dhillon's compassionate approach and commitment to spinal health make him a respected figure in the field of spine surgery in Chennai.
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Established in 1999, MIOT (Madras Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology) International. It is a multi-specialty hospital accredited with NABL and NABH. It is the first hospital in India to have a 750 HD CT scan with dual-energy imaging. Started as a center for orthopedics, it has now become multi-specialty dealing with neurosurgery, cardiology, thoracic and cardiovascular care, nephrology, oncology, knee replacement, hip-replacement surgery, plastic surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, craniofacial and cosmetic surgery, and more. Spread across 14-acres, the hospital has bagged many awards, including Niryat Shree Gold Award in 2002 and 2009; FIEO Niryat Shree Bronze Trophy 2008; FIEO Southern Region Export Excellence Award 2012 – 2013, 2013 – 2014 and 2015 – 2016. The hospital also won Best Multispecialty Hospital in Chennai, Best Hospital for Orthopedics, Best Hospital for Gastro and Gastro surgery and Best Hospital for Nephrology by Times of India. In 2013, MIOT Institute of Hematology, Hemato-Oncology and BMT performed the first T- Replete Haplo Identical Bone Marrow Transplant in India. The emergency liver transplant saves a rapidly deteriorating 26-year-old mother with Jaundice and damaged liver.

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