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Dr. Ibrahim Savas Yildirim

Heart Specialist and Surgeon

Cardiovascular Surgeon


Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery


Medicana Istanbul


22 years of experience


  • Studied in Cerrahpasa Medicine school (1979-1985).

  • Learned Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (1987-1993).

  • Received experience in Cardiovascular Surgery procedures from Cerrahpasa School of Medicine (1987-1993).

  • Received training at Sivas Numune Hospital (1993-1994).

  • Worked at Yedikule Pulmonology and Thoracic Education and Research Hospital (1994-2011).

  • At present, he is providing medical service in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department at Medicana International Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey since 2011.

  • Holds 22 years of experience as a Heart Specialist, Physician, and Cardiovascular Surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Mainly is a surgeon of procedures including Heart Port Surgery, Heart Double Valve Replacement Surgery, Cardiac Science, Adult VSD repairing, Cardiovascular Surgery Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), and Bentall Procedure.

  • His areas of interest include Hemodialysis Vascular Interventions, Atherosclerotic Occlusive Vascular Disease Surgery, Surgery of Varicose Vein Varicose.

  • Generally prefer to speak the English language.

  • Associated with several hospitals and performed outstandingly as a heart surgeon, heart specialist, and Physician.

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Procedures Dr. Ibrahim Savas Yildirim

Heart Port Surgery
Heart Double Valve Replacement


  • Dr. Ibrahim Savas Yildirim is a great heart specialist, Heart Surgeon, and Physician in Turkey.
  • Carries expertise in the medical field with an experience of 22 amazing years in serving his duties as a Surgeon.
  • Received experience in several hospitals named Sivas Numune Hospital, Yedikule Pulmonology and Thoracic Education and Research Hospital, Medicana International Hospital, and Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Presently working as a Cardiovascular Surgeon in Medicana International Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • He holds expertise in practicing surgeries like Heart Port surgery, Heart Double Valve Replacement, Adult VSD Repair, Cardiac Sciences, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), Chest Diseases, and Thoracic Surgery.
  • Special interests include Bentall procedures, Hemodialysis Vascular Interventions, and CABG- Redo.
  • Generally, prefer to speak the English language.
  • Holds maximum experience as a Surgeon and by provided medical services in several hospitals in his career span.
  • Known as the most reputed doctor in Turkey and one of the great Heart surgeons, Physician and Heart Specialist.
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Since 1992, Medicana Health Group sustains its progression on the way to determine the standards of future healthcare services. Today, Medicana Health Group, which carries on its activities in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Konya, Samsun and Sivas constantly provides the most advanced healthcare services in all aspects of health through 14 hospitals and over 10 thousand employees. Medicana Health Group not only pioneered the development of health tourism in our country, but it also became one of the important centers in the treatment of international patients in multidisciplinary healthcare. In order to provide sustainable healthcare services, many offices have been established at important locations in the world.

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