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Dr. Kesavan A R

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgery




Global Hospital Chennai


21 years of experience


  • Did MBBS at Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai (1994).

  • Pursued MS in Orthopaedics from LTMG Hospital Sion, Mumbai(1998).

  • Worked as a Junior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon in MIOT Hospitals.

  • Worked as a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon of hip and trauma and as a Director in MIOT Hospitals.

  • Posted as a Senior Orthopedic Surgeon at MIOT Hospital.

  • Was serving as a Director and a Senior Consultant of Orthopedic Surgery of Acetabular and Pelvic.

  • Owned Bon Joint Clinique and received medical experience(2000-2019).

  • Took professional memberships at the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

  • Presently positioned as an Orthopedic doctor at Global Health City, Chennai, India.

  • His expertise includes treatments of Major Fractures, Avascular Necrosis (Hip Joint), Osteonecrosis, Ankle and Knee Fracture, Shoulder Arthritis and Shoulder Inflammation, Meniscus Tears and many more minor and major treatments.

  • Has an experience of 21 years as an Orthopaedic surgeon.

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Procedures Dr. Kesavan A R

Ankle and Hip Surgery


  • Dr. Kesavan A R is a well-known Orthopedic Surgeon in Chennai, India.
  • He has had expertise in Orthopedic surgery for the past 21 years.
  • He treats several conditions such as Knee pain and Knee Osteoarthritis, Ankle Injury and Ankle Trauma Hip Fracture, Hip Joint Bone Tumor, Brachial Plexus Rupture, Shoulder Inflammation, Spinal Fusion, Arthroscopy, Knee Osteotomy, Spinal Therapy,
  • Resurfacing of Hip, Fracture of the hip, Deformed knees, Ligaments, Joint and Bones problem, Muscle problem and more treatments.
  • Special interests include Shoulder Replacement and Arthroscopy, Shoulder Tendon Repair-Rotator Cuff, Repairing of Meniscus, Releasing of Carpal Tunnel, Total Knee replacing(B/L), Repairing of the shoulder.
  • Achieved certifications of training from Charite Hospital, Berlin in Trauma and Complex Surgery.
  • Holds memberships in the Association of Tamil Nadu Orthopedics, and Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society.
  • Published Surgical observations in Orthopedics Journal with Suryanarayan P. Researched Acetabular Reconstruction and Autogenous Morselized Bone Cement in the Orthopedics and Trauma section. Researched Unstable Trochanteric Fractures in
  • Assessment of Stability in Comminuted Fractures.
  • Fluent in speaking English language.
  • Awarded MS in the department of Orthopedics from Lokmanya Tilak Medical College and Hospital, Mumbai, India.
  • Did multiple surgeries and gained a big reputation as an Orthopedic expert.

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Established in 1999, Global Hospitals is accredited by NABH, NABL, and HALAL. It is associated with Parkway Pantai Ltd which is one of the region's largest integrated private healthcare groups. With a network of more than 22 hospitals, Parkway Pantai offers more than 4,000 beds throughout Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, India, China and Vietnam. Global Hospitals has ranked as India’s fourth largest healthcare chain. Holds expertise in Multi-Organ Transplants (kidneys, liver, heart and lungs), Hepatic, Cardiac, Neuro, Gastro, Orthopaedic and Urology amongst others. Its Lung Transplantation Program is considered to be the best in India. Global Team of doctors perform 18,000 surgeries, treat 30,000 out-patients and 50,000 in-patients every year. First hospital in South India to perform 5 organ transplant surgeries successfully in a day. It is also the first hospital to perform Split Liver Transplant in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. First Hospital to introduce the Two Wheeler Ambulance Service (GART- Global Accident Rescue Team). First Hospital in South Asia to perform the Nucleus Replacement in Spine. Performed India's first Single Lung Transplant and first Minimal Invasive Lung Transplant. For the first time in India, Global Health City successfully implants an Implantable Artificial Lung. Only Indian Hospital to be associated with King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom for Liver transplantations. First hospital to be recognized for Research and Development by the Government of India.

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