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Dr. Narendra Vaidya

Director- Orthopedics

Orthopedics Surgery




Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi, Pune


31 years of experience


  • Educated with MBBS at the B J Medical College, Pune in 1991.

  • Did DNB at the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.

  • Received educational qualification with MCh.

  • Did MD from the University of Poona.

  • Did a fellowship in Joint Replacement at the LDH Hospital, Utah, USA.

  • Received training in Orthopedics from Sweden, the US, and Germany.

  • Special Interests include Total Hip Replacement, ACL Reconstruction, Knee Replacement Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery, Wrist Joint Replacement (Wrist Arthroscopy), Repair of Shoulder Rotator Cuff, Foot and Ankle Deformity Correction, and Arthritis, Single Hip Replacement, and other Orthopedic treatments and surgeries.

  • Performs all four Orthopedic surgeries including Hip, Knee, Shoulder, and Elbow.

  • He is known for saving thousands of lives of Accidental victims on the National Highway.

  • Currently, he is providing medical services as a Director of Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgery in Pune, Maharashtra.

  • At present, he is serving at the Lokmanya Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra.

  • Fluently speaks English and Hindi languages.

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Procedures Dr. Narendra Vaidya

Orthopedics Surgery and Joint Replacement


  • Dr. Narendra Vaidya is a highly esteemed Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon based in Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Renowned for his expertise, Dr. Vaidya specializes in advanced orthopedic procedures, with a primary focus on joint replacement surgeries for the knee and hip.
  • As a dedicated professional, Dr. Narendra Vaidya is committed to delivering outstanding patient care.
  • His approach involves a thorough understanding of each patient's condition, enabling him to create personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.
  • Known for his compassionate care, Dr. Vaidya ensures that his patients receive the highest quality of medical attention throughout their orthopedic journey.
  • With a wealth of experience in the field, Dr. Narendra Vaidya stays at the forefront of orthopedic advancements.
  • He is associated with reputable medical institutions, contributing to the advancement of orthopedic knowledge and the training of future surgeons.
  • Patients in Pune and beyond trust Dr. Narendra Vaidya for his unwavering commitment to excellence, cutting-edge surgical techniques, and a compassionate approach to restoring mobility and improving the overall quality of life.
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  • Lokmanya Hospital in Nigdi, Pune, is a leading healthcare institution known for its commitment to providing comprehensive medical services.

  • This hospital was established in the year 1972 in Pune, Maharashtra.

  • The hospital specializes in various medical disciplines, including cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, and more.

  • Areas of services include Orthopedics, Joint Replacement, Trauma, Bone Scan, Fracture Treatment, Lower Back Pain, ACL Reconstruction, X-Ray, Elbow Replacement, Spinal Fusion, Spinal Therapy, Hip Pain Treatment, Bone Trauma, Fracture Plaster, Arthroscopy, Knee Replacement, Neck Pain Treatment, Sports Injuries, Ligament Surgery, and other treatments and surgeries.

  • Equipped with modern facilities and advanced medical technology, the hospital focuses on delivering high-quality and patient-centric care.

  • The healthcare professionals at Lokmanya Hospital are dedicated to excellence, emphasizing personalized treatment plans and a compassionate approach.

  • The hospital strives to meet the healthcare needs of the community by providing advanced diagnostics and effective treatments.

  • The hospital aims to meet the healthcare needs of the community by providing advanced diagnostics and effective treatments.

  • The hospital specializes in various medical disciplines, mainly including cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, and more.

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