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Dr. Sahir Kilic

Consultant- Urology



Urology Treatment


Guven Hospital, Ankara


22 years of experience


  • Did graduation from the Ankara University in the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Receivede medical education at the Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Urology AD.

  • Placed as an Associate Professor of Urology (16 November 1998).

  • Currently, he is providing medical services at the Guven Hospital, Ankara, Turkey.

  • He is positioned as a Consultant of Urology in Ankara, Turkey.

  • Special interests include Urology, , Erectile Dysfunction, Kidney Stones, Stones in the Kidney or Ureter, and many other Urology treatments.

  • Fluent in English and Turkish languages.

  • Beyond his clinical proficiency, Dr. Sahir Kilic actively engages in academic pursuits, contributing to the advancement of urological knowledge.

  • He is involved in research, publications, and educational initiatives, further solidifying his standing as a respected figure in the medical community.

  • Dr. Kilic's commitment to excellence and patient-centric care distinguishes him as a leading Urologist in Ankara, Turkey.

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Procedures Dr. Sahir Kilic



  • Dr. Sahir Kilic stands as a distinguished Urologist in Ankara, Turkey, with a profound commitment to delivering exceptional urological care.
  • He has more than 22 years of expertise in performing various Urology treatments.
  • Renowned for his expertise, Dr. Kilic specializes in various urological conditions, including kidney stones, prostate diseases, male reproductive health, and urologic cancers.
  • With a patient-centric approach, Dr. Sahir Kilic ensures comprehensive and personalized care for each individual.
  • He employs advanced diagnostic methods and contemporary treatment modalities to achieve optimal results.
  • Dr. Kilic is recognized for his dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements in urology, incorporating cutting-edge technologies into his practice.
  • Throughout his career, Dr. Sahir Kilic has demonstrated a commitment to compassionate patient communication, fostering an environment where individuals can make informed decisions about their health.
  • As a leading Urologist in Ankara, Turkey, Dr. Kilic's holistic focus on patient well-being and his dedication to excellence position him as a trusted and sought-after specialist in the field of urology.
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  • Guven Hospital, located in Ankara, Turkey, and established in the year 1973, stands as a distinguished healthcare institution committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate medical services.

  • With a rich history and a focus on patient-centered care, Guven Hospital has earned a reputation for excellence in the Turkish healthcare landscape.

  • The hospital boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse range of medical specialties, including but not limited to cardiology, oncology, neurology, and orthopedics.

  • Its commitment to employing cutting-edge medical technologies ensures that patients receive advanced and effective treatments.

  • Guven Hospital is characterized by a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals, including experienced physicians, surgeons, and support staff.

  • The hospital's mission revolves around offering personalized healthcare solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

  • Emphasizing both medical expertise and a warm patient experience, Guven Hospital in Ankara continues to play a pivotal role in promoting health and well-being, serving as a trusted healthcare partner for individuals seeking quality medical care in Turkey.

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