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Dr. Sanjay Bangchi

Consultant- Orthopedics

Orthopedics Surgery




AMRI, Kolkata (Dhakuria)


22 years of experience


  • Did MBBS at the Medical College of Kolkata.

  • Did MS from the Medical College of Kolkata.

  • Received work experience as a Consultant at the NH Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Kolkata.

  • At present, he is providing Orthopedic Surgery at the AMRI Hospital, Kolkata (Dhakuria), West Bengal.

  • Currently, positioned as a Consultant of Orthopedics in Kolkata, West Bengal.

  • With a wealth of experience, Dr. Bangchi has earned a reputation as a leading specialist in joint replacement surgeries and various orthopedic interventions.

  • Specializing in advanced surgical techniques, including knee and hip replacements, arthroscopy, and trauma care, Dr. Sanjay Bangchi is committed to delivering outstanding outcomes for his patients.

  • Took specialization in Knee Ligaments of Arthroscopy Surgery like ACL Repair, PCL Repair, Meniscus Arthroscopic Surgery, and others.

  • Affiliated with esteemed medical institutions, Dr. Bangchi remains abreast of the latest developments in orthopedics, contributing significantly to the field.

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Procedures Dr. Sanjay Bangchi

Orthopedics Treatment and surgery


  • Dr. Sanjay Bangchi is a highly accomplished Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon based in Kolkata, known for his exemplary skills and dedication to providing top-notch orthopedic care.
  • He holds more than 22 years of experience as an Orthopedics and Joint Replacement surgeon.
  • His areas of specialization include Arthroscopy Knee Replacement, Joint Replacement Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Arthritis Management, Cartilage Surgery, Knee Pain Treatment, Knee Surgery, Shoulder Pain, High-Risk wound care treatment, Lower Extremity wound care, Ankle Brachial Index, and many other Orthopedic treatments and surgeries.
  • His approach is marked by a patient-centric focus, where he conducts thorough assessments to understand individual needs and concerns, ensuring personalized and effective treatment plans.
  • His compassionate behavior, coupled with a commitment to excellence, has garnered trust and appreciation from numerous satisfied patients.
  • Patients seeking expert orthopedic and joint replacement solutions in Kolkata turn to Dr. Sanjay Bangchi for his skillful expertise and unwavering dedication to improving the mobility and overall well-being of individuals with orthopedic conditions.
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AMRI Hospital is located at 4 different locations in Kolkata including Dhakuria, Salt Lake, Mukundapur and Southern Avenue. It is accredited with NABH, NABL and GreenOT certification and awarded as the best hospital in bio-waste management in 2010. The Group of hospitals is historically significant in its region and treats around 3.5 lakh patients annually and conducts more than 15,000 successful surgeries. The emergency and critical care department is well equipped with all the advancements and dedicated staff, who works 24*7 for the patients.

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