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Dr. Shital Punjabi

Director- Gynecology





ART Fertility Clinics, Ahmedabad


22 years of experience


  • Did MBBS from NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad (1996).

  • Received DGO Gold medal from NHL Medical College (1995).

  • Achieved Gold medal in MD from Gujarat University (1996).

  • Certified in Gynecology and Sonography by FOGSI (1996).

  • Positioned as a Clinical Embryologist in Cleveland Clinic, Ohio (2008). Currently servicing as a Gynecologist since 1997.

  • Carries 22 years of expertise as a Gynecologist.

  • Carries expertise in Obstetrics, Gynecology, IVF and Gynec Laparoscopy practice, Cosmetic Gynecology, PRP, painless delivery, etc.

  • Attended numerous sessions including 'Menstrual Health and Hygiene' at the Blind People Association, 'SWASTYA SETU' seminar, 'Menstrual Health and Hygiene' talk show, a scientific session called 'Menopause" and many more seminars and conferences like these.

  • Articles published in Media are

  1. Regular Health column writer for 'Tej Gujarati'.
  2. Times of India titled 'Unflagging Love Brings Baby Over Anatomical Hurdle', (April 22-2014). 
  3. Expert Gynecologist for 'Baby Chakra' app. 
  4. Article based on Test Tube in 'Tej Gujarati' (16 August 2018). 
  5. Article on Vitamin B12 (November 2018).
  6. (21 November-2018).
  7. Ahmedabad Mirror, Related to Myths (Feb 23- 2019).
  8. Akilla on Fertility Rate Researches 50%:150 children born through IVF and their parents unique affection reunion.

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Procedures Dr. Shital Punjabi

Gynecology and IVF Specialist


  • Dr. Shital Punjabi is a reputed Gynecologist with an experience of more than 22 years.
  • Won two Gold medals in DGO and MD.
  • Currently serving as a Gynecologist and carries expertise in obstetrics and Gynecology, Gyna Laparoscopy procedures, and IVF.
  • Performs treatments like IUI, Assisted hatching and all ART ancillary procedures, Laparoscopy surgery, and IVF.
  • Provides ethical and affordable treatment advice as a mentor.
  • Performs new treatments like painless delivery, PRP, etc.
  • Serviced as a Visiting Faculty in many national and international Gynecologists platforms.
  • Engaged in various research in IVF, ART, Cosmetic Gynecology, and Stem cells through participating in many national and international conferences.
  • Participated in activities like Women empowerment and healthcare, Education, and Community Welfare.
  • Helped up to 5,000 childless couples with their parenting issues.
  • Performed more than 5000 deliveries.
  • Established a women's hospital for treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI, Assisted Hatching, ART ancillary, and Surrogacy.
  • Established a foundation named 'Shashwat Foundation' and delivered healthcare activities, Cancer prevention by checkups, Eye checks and treatments, Treatment of Breast Cancer, Homocysteine, Osteoporosis, and many more health issues.
  • Achieved 'Best Gynecologist' award by Magesti Event (Success Stories) on International Women's Day.
  • Achieved 'Best Supportive to Jeevan Tirth' by Jeevan Tirth Trust on International Women's Day.

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ART Fertility Clinics, Ahmedabad is a part of the Dubai-based ART Fertility Clinics, a global healthcare chain that has operations in the US, UK, Japan, Australia and Belgium. The hospital is third among the 18 such hospitals set to be started this year in India. The single-speciality hospital was set up in June 2021 to offer personalised fertility treatments to patients in Ahmedabad and close-by areas. ART Fertility Clinics, Ahmedabad provides advanced fertility treatments such as, fertility work-up, ICSI, IVF, IUI, blastocyst culture, cryopreservation, laser-assisted hatching, genetic services, MICRO-TESE, hysterocoscopy, embryo/oocyte donation, laparoscopy and surrogacy. The hospital also offers treatment for male infertility that includes, semen analysis, FNA, TESE, and Micro TESE. The hospital has the best-in-class infrastructure that inlcudes new additions such as the, a 'K' system workstation, unique straw sealers for cryopreservation, dynamic laser for biopsy and embryo hatching, and a sonography machine. Apart from this, the other equipment at the hospital includes, incubators, microscopes, OR equipment and tools, Next Generation Sequencer, Air Handling Unit, RI Witness system to ensure no mixing of embryos/sperms amongst patients, 4 Dimensional Ultrasound M/Cs, electronic alarm system that is fitted with sensors to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, gases associated with key equipment and VOCs. It has an in-house lab and a radiolology facility for ultrasound imaging, and an embryology lab. The medical team at ART Fertility Clinics, Ahmedabad comprises of the best and well-trained physicians and embryologists. They possess ESHRE certifications and are reputed to deliver treatmetnts with good success rates. They are prompt and dedicated towards enabling the speedy recovery of their patients and very compassionate too. ART Fertility Clinics, Ahmedabad also focusses on understanding the real cause of infertility. It addresses these problems through their counsellors who aim to get to the root of the problem. The hospital is spread across 11,800 sq. ft and is tastefully done without compromise on the utilisation of spaces. The hospital is spacious and well-lit.

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