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Dr. Soundappan V

Sr Consultant- Neurology

Neurology and Neurosurgery


Neurology And Neurosurgery


Fortis Malar Hospital ,Chennai


28 years of experience


  • Did MBBS in 1980 at the Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore.

  • Did MS in 1987 at the Stanley Medical College & Hospital, Chennai.

  • Did MCh in 1999 at the Madras Medical College & General Hospital, Chennai.

  • Worked as a Senior Consultant at the Super Specialty Hospital, Chettinad Health City, Kelambakkam.

  • Worked as a Consultant at the Senthil Multispecialty Hospital, Erode, Tamil Nadu.

  • Worked as a Senior Consultant at the Kauvery Hospital Formely Fortis Hospital, Vadapalani.

  • Invested 16 years in managing disorders that affect the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

  • Special interests include rain Tumor Surgery, Pineal Region Tumors Treatment, Gliomas Treatment, Meningioma, Schwannomas, Radiotherapy, VP Shunting, Ventriculostomy, Skull Base Surgery, Sleep Disorders, Neuropathy - Stem Cell Treatment, Brain Haemorrhage Treatment, Blood Clot Brain Surgery, CyberKnife Treatment, Neurosurgery, Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment, etc.

  • Currently, he is placed as a Senior Consultant of Spine Surgery in Chennai.

  • At present, he is serving at the Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai.

  • Holds membership in the Neurological Society of India (NSI), and the Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association (NSSA).

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Procedures Dr. Soundappan V

Spine Surgery


  • Dr. Soundappan V is a distinguished Spine Surgeon based in Chennai, renowned for his expertise in managing complex spinal disorders.
  • He holds more than 28 years of experience as a Spine Surgery expert.
  • With a focus on patient-centered care, he has garnered recognition for his comprehensive approach to spine health.
  • Dr. Soundappan V specializes in a range of spine surgeries, including minimally invasive procedures and spinal deformity corrections.
  • His commitment to utilizing advanced technologies ensures precise diagnostics and effective treatment strategies.
  • As a seasoned professional, Dr. Soundappan V emphasizes patient education, empowering individuals to actively participate in their treatment plans.
  • His affiliation with esteemed medical institutions reflects his dedication to advancing spinal care through clinical excellence and ongoing research.
  • With a compassionate demeanor and a reputation for successful outcomes, Dr. Soundappan V stands out as a leading Spine Surgeon in Chennai, contributing significantly to the field of spine surgery.

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Fortis Healthcare is a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider in India. The hospital has more than 160 consultants and 650 employees to manage over 11,000 in-patients. The healthcare verticals of this organisation primarily compromises of hospital, diagnostic and day care speciality facilities. Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai offers comprehensive medical care in more than 40 specialities such as cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, nephrology, gynaecology, urology, paediatrics and diabetes among few. Fortis Malar specialises in cutting edge medical technology and dedicated patient care service. The hospital has more than 160 consultants and 650 employees to manage over 11,000in-patients.

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