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Dr. Sudhakar Williams

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgery




Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai


39 years of experience


  • Did MBBS from the Coimbatore Medical College in 1975.

  • Did a Diploma in Orthopedics from the University of Madras in 1977.

  • Did DNB in Orthopedics from the University of Madras in 1979.

  • Currently providing medical services at the Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai.

  • Positioned as an Orthopedic Surgeon in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

  • Holds a membership of the Indian Orthopedic Association.

  • Holds a professional membership of the Tamil Nadu Medical Council.

  • Fluently speaks Hindi, Tamil, and English languages.

  • Carries more than 3 decades of experience as an Orthopedic surgeon.

  • Holds a membership of the Indian Medical Association.

  • Associated with the Indian Arthroscopy Society.

  • Member of the Pediatric Orthopedic Society of India.

  • Holds membership of the Aotrauma India, and Indo-German Orthopedic Foundation.

  • Received several awards including Prof. AJ Selvapandian’s Gold Medal, National Award of Excellence as a Distinguished Orthopedic Surgeon from the MGR Medical University, and many more awards.

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Procedures Dr. Sudhakar Williams

Orthopedic treatment and surgery


  • Dr. Sudhakar Williams is a distinguished Orthopedic Surgeon based in Chennai, known for his expertise in addressing Knee, Hip, Shoulder, and other issues.
  • He holds more than 39 years of experience in Orthopedics treatments and surgeries.
  • With a wealth of experience, he specializes in providing comprehensive orthopedic care, including joint replacements, sports injuries, and spinal disorders.
  • He specializes in treatments including Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Laminectomy, Carpal Tunnel Release, Diagnostic Arthroscopy, Hip Arthroscopy, Ankle and Knee Arthroscopy, PCL Reconstruction Surgery, Meniscus Repair Surgery, Shoulder Arthroscopy, and many more Orthopedic treatments and surgeries.
  • Dr. Williams is recognized for his commitment to patient well-being, employing advanced surgical techniques and personalized treatment plans.
  • His dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements in orthopedics ensures that patients receive cutting-edge and effective healthcare.
  • Dr. Sudhakar Williams’s dedication to excellence and continual pursuit of medical advancements make him a sought-after orthopedic specialist, providing impactful and transformative healthcare solutions in the realm of joint replacements.
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With world-class infrastructure and advanced technologies, Apollo Spectra Hospital gives the advantage of expert and quality healthcare in a more accessible facility. It offers superlative care in more than 12 surgical specialties including general and laparoscopic surgery, bariatric surgery, ENT, orthopedic and spine, urology and more. The hospital is committed to bring together the world’s best healthcare management practices and world-class medical services.

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