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Dr. Venu Kumari

Consultant- Dermatology

Dermatology Treatments




Dr. Venus Skin and Hair Clinic, Hyderabad


18 years of experience


  • Did MBBS at the Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad (2006).

  • Worked as an intern at the Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.

  • Did MD in Venereology and Leprosy at the Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad (2008).

  • At present, she is providing services as a Dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

  • Currently, she is positioned as a Medical Director at the Dr. Venus Institute of Skin, Hair and Aesthetics.

  • Associated with the Andra Pradesh Medical Council in the year 2007.

  • Received experience in Laser treatments, Hair Transplant surgery, Medical cosmetology, Dermatosurgery, and other treatments and surgeries.

  • Received the Health Care Excellence Award and the Best Dermatologist Award in Hyderabad, Telangana in 2015.

  • Holds professional membership of the Indian Associations of Dermatologists, Venereologists, and Leprologists (IADVL).

  • Holds a professional membership of the Cosmetology Society of India (CDSI).

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Procedures Dr. Venu Kumari

Hair Transplant


  • Dr. Venu Kumari, a distinguished dermatologist in Hyderabad, is recognized for her exemplary skills and commitment to skincare.
  • She holds more than 18 years of experience in Dermatology treatments.
  • Her clinical proficiency encompasses a broad spectrum of dermatological services, addressing various skin concerns with precision and compassion.
  • Areas of specialties include Dermatology, Hair Transplant surgery, cosmetology, Pediatric Dermatology, Aesthetic Dermatology, Immunodermatology, Dermatosurgery, and other treatments.
  • Dr. Venu Kumari is particularly renowned for her expertise in advanced dermatological treatments, including laser therapy, chemical peels, and innovative skincare solutions.
  • Known for her patient-centric approach, Dr. Kumari tailors individualized treatment plans to meet the unique needs and expectations of her patients, fostering a positive and supportive environment.
  • Fluently speaks Hindi and English languages.
  • Committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in dermatology, she delivers comprehensive and personalized care, earning a reputation for excellence in skin care.
  • Dr. Venu Kumari stands as a trusted and sought-after dermatologist in Hyderabad, contributing significantly to the enhancement of skin health in the region.
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  • Dr. Venus Skin and Hair Clinic in Hyderabad offers a range of dermatology and hair care services.

  • The clinic was started in the year 2014 in Hyderabad, India.

  • Areas of services include Acne Removal and Treatment, Skin lighting, Laser Hair Removal, Body Contouring, Hair Transplant, and many more treatments and surgeries.

  • They have highly qualified dermatologists who can diagnose and treat various skin conditions, including skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

  • The clinic also provides personalized skincare routines and skincare advice.

  • Dr. Venus Skin and Hair Clinic is committed to providing outstanding dermatology and cosmetology services to the general community.

  • Placed among the top categories of medical centers with multiple treatment methods and procedures.

  • They prioritize patient care and aim to deliver compassionate healthcare in a technologically advanced environment.

  • For hair care, the clinic has hair specialists who offer solutions for both men and women.

  • They provide expert guidance on hair care and offer treatments for different hair-related issues.

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