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Prof. Dr. Savaş Tuna

Consultant- Oncology



Oncology And Oncosurgery


Medical Park, Istanbul,Turkey


30 years of experience


  • Graduated from the Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine.

  • Took specialization at the Istanbul University Oncology Institute.

  • Worked at various renowned hospitals including Istanbul Oncology Institute, Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Istanbul Bakırköy Dr.Sadı Konuk Egıım Research Hospital, Etfal E mine, and Research Hospital, Sisli, Istanbul, Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Istanbul, Medical Park, Bahçelievler, Doctor Yozgat Sefaatli Sarıkent health centers, Eitimim and Research Hospital, Kirklareli State Hospital, Eyup State Hospital, and Istanbul Education Haste.

  • Currently, he is positioned as a Medical Oncologist and Professor in Turkey.

  • At present, he is serving at the Medical Park Group, in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Holds membership in the Turkish Medical Oncology Association.

  • Holds membership in the Turkish Internal Medicine Specialist Association.

  • Holds membership in the Association of Turkey Ophthalmologists (THMD).

  • Holds membership in the Turkey Organ, tissue, and Cell Transplantation Association.

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Procedures Prof. Dr. Savaş Tuna

Oncology treatment and surgery


  • Prof. Dr. Savaş Tuna, an esteemed Oncologist in Turkey, is widely acclaimed for his exceptional contributions to the field of oncology.
  • He holds more than 30 years of experience as an Oncologist in Turkey.
  • With extensive experience and expertise, Prof. Dr. Tuna specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various cancers, demonstrating a commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to his patients.
  • His proficiency extends across a spectrum of oncological disciplines, including medical oncology, cancer research, and academic leadership.
  • Prof. Dr. Savaş Tuna actively engages in cutting-edge research, contributing valuable insights to the evolving landscape of cancer treatment.
  • As an influential figure in the Turkish medical community, Prof. Dr. Tuna holds a prominent role in shaping oncology practices and standards.
  • His leadership extends to academic institutions, where he imparts knowledge and guides the next generation of oncologists.
  • Patients value Prof. Dr. Savaş Tuna's personalized approach to cancer care, where he combines advanced therapeutic modalities with a compassionate understanding of each individual's journey.
  • His dedication to advancing cancer research, improving treatment outcomes, and enhancing the overall patient experience has solidified his reputation as a respected and influential Oncologist in Turkey.
  • Prof. Dr. Savaş Tuna's unwavering commitment continues to make a significant impact on the fight against cancer.
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  1. Established in 1993, Medical Park Hospitals is the largest private hospital group in Turkey, with 25 hospitals under its network. 

  2. Three of their hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), a globally recognized certification of healthcare quality.

  3. Medical Park Hospitals brings together specialists, a patient-oriented service approach, and multidisciplinary work under one roof to provide quality diagnostic and therapeutic services in all hospitals.

  4. Medical Park Hospitals are well-equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment, offering specialized care in departments such as gynecology, orthopedics, urology, the cardiovascular system, oncology, and neurology. 

  5. Specialize in managing Parkinson's disease through surgical procedures involving neurostimulation device implantation.

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