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Apollo Cradle Maternity Hospital, Kondapur

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Apollo Cradle Maternity Hospital, Kondapur is situated in the heart of Hyderabad. Being part of the Apollo Group of Hospitals, this is the second maternity and children's hospital in Hyderabad It is catering to give the best services with international quality and standard healthcare. The Hospital offers Maternity services like Birthing packages, choice of accommodations, Antenatal classes, Counselling services among others; it also has Gynaecology services including Cancer evaluation and Vaccinations. Paediatric services include OP consultations and treatment, Immunization, and Newborn screening. It has a specialist team dedicated to address women's health also offering customised health check-ups for every age group in women. It has the most advanced technologies and facilities available to provide accurate diagnoses and hospital care. It also provides an opportunity for soon-to-be parents the option of Stem Cell Banking.

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The Hospital has an Obstetrical Ultrasound Unit with state-of-the-art 4D & 5D ultrasound imaging systems to ensure a detailed assessment of foetal development along with accurate diagnosis and treatment. It has a Level III NICU fully equipped with necessary medical technologies to handle babies who are preterm or needing specialised medical care. A Medical ICU (MICU) is also available for mothers needing temporary intensive care.

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Apollo Cradle Maternity Hospital, Kondapur

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