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Aster RV Hospital (J P Nagar) Bangalore

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Aster RV Hospital was founded in 1987 by Dr.Azad Moopen who is a doctor and philanthropist. It has branches in 8 countries with headquarters in Dubai. Aster RV Hospital (J P Nagar) Bangalore is a renowned hospital providing health care services in various departments and focuses on cardiac, neuro, and gastro sciences. Dealt with a number of orthopedic cases successfully. Encompasses more than 25 hospitals, 116 clinics, and 236 pharmacies.

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It is a 250 bedded hospital and around 53 beds for intensive care units with a spacious waiting area. Aster RV has the best class infrastructures and offers technology like Biplane Cath lab, Intraoperative MRI, and Da Vinci Robot. It has a different waiting area for international patients. Well maintained cafeteria serving International cuisines.

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Aster RV Hospital (J P Nagar) Bangalore

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