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Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

About Hospital

  • Established in 1972, this is Thailand's one of the earliest private hospitals—a renowned hospital specializing in Cardiology and Cancer treatments.

  • Services include Cancer, Fertility, Cardiology, Neurology and Neuroscience, Pediatrics, Fertility, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Gastroenterology, Liver, ENT, Dentistry, ENT, Orthopedics and spine surgery, Plastic and reconstructive surgery.

  • Capable of handling natural emergencies caused by sea, land, and air.

  • Offers various healthcare packages like Fertility, Obesity, Hip and Knee surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Plastic surgery, Lasik eye surgery, Vascular surgery, and many more.

  • Received various awards which include the Asian Hospital Management Award, Thailand Hospital Accreditation, Dual Medical Transport Accreditation (CAMTS USA and CAMTS GLOBAL), and Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards.

  • Provides international facilities to foreign patients with translations, special diets, hygiene facilities, lodging, and online free consultations through the internet.

  • The medical team is available round the clock and performs treatments with high-quality services and advanced technologies. 

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  • Contains 488 beds with a well-experienced team of specialists. Involves advanced technologies and types of equipment like Cardiovascular MRI, 256-slice Multi-Detector CT Scan, LINAC, ARTIS Pheno Machine, Thailand's first Cartosound, New X-ray biplane Imaging (EOS), and PET/CT Scan.

  • Includes a Recovery and a Rehabilitation Centre for patients.

  • Rooms full of hygiene and necessities are provided as well as according to their budget and preference with facilities of Wifi, Microwave, TV, Sofa, Refrigerator, and restroom supplements.

  • The medical team is focused on leading a revolution in healthcare procedures including advanced technologies and patient care in a well-organised way.

  • Contains highly-skilled multidisciplinary teams of specialists and staff to reach the satisfaction level of patients.

  • A facilitated medical center with fully hygienic rooms and choice of rooms are dependent on the budget and preferences.

  • Aims to treat patients with full effectiveness and safety. 

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Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

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