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Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai, UAE

About Hospital

  • This is a Multi-specialty hospital was established in the year

  • Offers excellent services with innovation in the latest technology implementation.

  • Areas of services include Cosmetic Surgery, ENT, Gastroenterology, Cardiac Sciences, General Surgery, Gynecology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Oncology, and many more.

  • Special medical treatments include Brain tumor treatments, Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), Kidney cancer treatment, Total Hip replacement surgery (B/L), etc.

  • Fully facilitated Operation theatres with advanced surgical equipment.

  • Well-equipped operating rooms and secondary operating rooms.

  • Contains a wide range of medical facilities and services to provide the best service to their patients.

  • Treats national and international patients with well-equipped facilities.

  • Dedicated to delivering healthcare services with a patient-friendly atmosphere.

  • Recieved an award for the best Hospital in Dubai (2017).

  • Recieved an award as the best Medical Tourism Hospital in UAE (2018).

  • Awarded as the best Hospital for its clinical excellence (2019).

  • Recieved the Best Customer Service Provider Award (2019).

  • Recieved the award for the Best Hospital in Dubai (2020).

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  • Contains more than 200 beds with luxurious suites and 24-hour Emergency services.

  • Contains 9 specialties with more than 180 highly skilled doctors and medical experts with over 600 staff members.

  • Medical centers and departments include the Radiology and Laboratory department, PICU care for children, NICU care for newborn babies, Adult ICU care, Emergency department, Diet and nutrition department, Dermatology department, Anesthesia department, ENT department, Cardiology department, General and Laparascopic surgery department, General Surgery department, Neurology department, Pediatric center, Vascular surgery department, Urology and Men healthcare center, HMS Home Care services, Water Birth Deliveries, Plastic surgery center, Physiotherapy department, Oncology center, Orthopedics department, Ophthalmology center, Intensive and Critical care unit, Nephrology center, and many more medical centers and departments.

  • Contains more than 30 specialized medical centers which includes

  • Performs over 78 medical procedures a day with fully facilitated services.

  • Emergency staff is available along with round-the-clock services.

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Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai, UAE

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