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Deccan Hardikar Hospital, Pune

About Hospital

  • Deccan Hardikar Hospital, nestled in the vibrant city of Pune, Maharashtra, is a healthcare institution dedicated to providing quality medical services to the community.

  • The hospital was established in the year 1974 in Pune, Maharashtra.

  • Established with a commitment to excellence, the hospital aims to be a beacon of healthcare, offering a wide array of services to meet diverse medical needs.

  • The hospital's medical expertise spans disciplines such as cardiology, orthopedics, obstetrics, and general medicine, ensuring comprehensive and personalized care for patients.

  • Areas of specialties include neurology, specialty clinics for knee, ankle, foot, and shoulder, sports injuries and arthroscopy, hand surgeries, plastic surgeries, urology, nephrology, and dialysis, general and chest medicine, pediatric orthopedics, rheumatology, neurosurgery, general and laparoscopic surgeries, vascular surgeries, oncology, intensive care, and other treatments.

  • NABl accredits Deccan Hardikar Hospital.

  • While continually evolving to incorporate advancements in healthcare, Deccan Hardikar Hospital remains deeply rooted in its commitment to serving the healthcare needs of Pune and its surrounding regions.

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  • Contains more than 120 fully facilitated beds with 25 ICU beds and 24-hour medical Emergency services.

  • With a patient-centric approach, Deccan Hardikar Hospital houses state-of-the-art facilities and employs a team of skilled healthcare professionals across various specialties.

  • Contains a team of more than 48 highly skilled and experienced medical experts.

  • Equipped with modern medical technology, Deccan Hardikar Hospital prioritizes the well-being of its patients, aiming to deliver accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

  • The compassionate and experienced medical staff strives to create a healing environment, fostering patient trust and comfort.

  • Through a blend of medical proficiency, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a patient-friendly ethos, the hospital is a vital healthcare asset in the heart of Maharashtra.

  • Facilities include facilities like Pharmacy, Medical Yoga, 3T MRI + CT SCAN, Genetics and Nutrigenomics, Conference Auditorium, Rehabilitation,  Diet & Nutrition Consultation, Laundry & Food Service, etc.

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Deccan Hardikar Hospital, Pune

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