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Established in 1996, Associated and Part of the Parkway Pantai Ltd. Parkway Pantai is one of the region's largest integrated private healthcare groups with a network of 22 hospitals Parkway Pantai offers more than 4,000 beds throughout Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, India, China and Vietnam. Global Hospitals, ranked as India’s fourth largest healthcare chain Pioneer in Multi-Organ Transplants including kidneys, liver, heart and lung. Global Team of doctors perform 18,000 surgeries every year Global Healthcare Group treats 30,000 out patients and 50,000 in patients every year Performed “first” Swap Liver Transplant, Single Lung Transplant and Minimal Access Lung Transplant in India and first pediatric auxiliary liver transplant in AsiaPaediatric Auxiliary Liver Transplant in Asia First Hospital to introduce the Two Wheeler Ambulance Service (GART- Global Accident Rescue Team) First Hospital in South Asia to perform the Nucleus Replacement in Spine Only Indian Hospital to be associated with King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom for Liver transplantations First hospital to be recognized for Research and Development by the Govt. of India Center of excellence are Endoscopic Surgery Centre, Hepatobiliary & Liver Surgeries, Surgical & Medical Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Urology, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Bariatric Surgery & Robotic Surgery, Neurosciences, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Oncology, Gynecology, Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery, etc NABH, NABL & HALAL Accredited

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450 bedded multi specialty and multi organ transplant facility center World-class health care at affordable cost State-of the-art equipment and technologies Emergency room offers cardiopulmonary resuscitation, endotracheal intubation, securing central venous access, treating polytrauma and severe head injuries One of the few hospitals in India which has the Medical Gastroenetrology department equipped to perform anorectalManometry and its interpretation to study the whole gut transit time using SITZ markers. Featuring one of the best and most advanced technology in the field of brain tumor treatment in India Neurophysiology Lab equipped with EEG, EMG, NCS, and Evoked Potential systems including VEP, SSEP India’s first dual laser technology - “the latest technology” for prostrate treatment is available to treat prostrate or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH); ThuLEP (Thulium Laser Enucleation of Prostate). Employ the most cutting-edge technology in neurosurgery such as - intraoperative MRI computer-assisted brain surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, awake brain surgery and deep brain stimulation – for the management of neurological disorders. Offers a comprehensive suite of transplant programs for Kidney, Liver, Heart, Lung and others. State-of-the-art technology and world-procedures and the premier multi-organ transplant unit in India. Offers advice and administer treatment through “Telemedicine Connect Program” while being at the hospital to patients a great distance away Fleet of fully equipped ambulances, with life support systems and life-saving drugs with an ergonomic design for safety of patient

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Global hospital Mumbai

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