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Hacettepe University Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

About Hospital

  • This Super-specialty University Hospital was established in the year 2007 in Ankara, Turkey.

  • Areas of specialties include Oncology, Traumatology treatments, Cardiology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Urology, General Surgery, Neurology and Neurology, Dermatology, Physiology, Infection treatments, Ophthalmology, ENT, and many more treatments and surgeries.

  • Known for providing state-of-the-art services and facilities with modern technologies.

  • It is considered one of the leading medical and healthcare centers in Turkey.

  • More than 300 Transplantations are performed on an annual basis.

  • Popularly known for establishing the first Oncology clinic in Turkey (1972).

  • Provides treatments and medical surgery services to more than 60000 patients annually.

  • Provides extraordinary medical and healthcare services to inpatients and outpatients.

  • Recognized as one of the most reputated medical institutions in the country.

  • Accreditated as the Academic Medical Hospital (Jan 21, 2018).

  • Accreditated by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

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  • Contains more than 300 beds with extra-care services and 24-hour Emergency services.

  • Provides medical facilities with high-equipped and advanced technologies such as ECMO, CVVH, HFO, Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Cyber-knife, PET/CT, Stereotactic Radiotherapy Device, Cyclotron, 3 Tesla MRG and PE, Linear Accelerator, and other ultra-modern high technology based devices.

  • Contains various Medical Departments including the Dermatology center, Physiology center, Cardiology center, General Medical center, Radiology center, Infectious disease center, Orthopedics center, Pediatrics center, General Surgery center, Urology center, Traumatology center, Neurology and Neurosurgery center, Ophthalmology center, Pulmonology center, Gynecology and Obstetrics center, and many more medical centers.

  • Contains over 550 Academic staff members, 700 Residents, 759 Medical Technicians, 22 caretakers, 110 nursing staff, and more than 1200 employees.

  • Other healthcare services include Health Insurance, Net banking, Medical records transfer procedure, Diet and food on request, cafeteria, Online consultation of doctors, Visa, Post-operative follow-up, ATM facility, Car hire, Foreign currency exchange, Medical travel insurance coordination, Private rooms, Family accommodation, and more medical facility services.

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Hacettepe University Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

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