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  • The Hermest Center is a trustworthy hair transplant treatment centre that is well known for having highly qualified staff and the newest and best equipment. It is Istanbul, Turkey, where it is located.

  • Being located in the centre of the world geographically, Istanbul is now the main corner of health services, especially in the hair transplantation field.

  • The medical centre was opened for business in January 2020 at the clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • The key points of this offer are lifetime warranty, affordability, and durability. Also, it is an alternative that is affordable.

  • The clinic already has treated 12,000 patients from 62 countries and they all have had successful hair transplant surgeries.

  • It is a highly reputed Hair Restoration treatment hospital and is well-known in the United States, Japan, and many other countries. It has also been supported by a long history of successful Hair Treatments and surgeries.

  • Hermest Hair Clinic is the most modern clinic in the field of hair transplantation, using the latest technologies and broad experience in the field. It has a success rate of 99%, which is very high.

  • Their clinics are equipped with all the resources needed to give the results that speak for themselves, and they use the most up-to-date methods to fight hair loss successfully.

  • Hermest Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey, has a medical staff that is well-skilled and experienced. It is the staff that are dedicated to providing a treatment that is of the highest quality.


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  • Hermest Hair Clinic has already successfully performed hair transplant procedures on 12,000 people from all over the world from 62 different countries.
  • This story, which goes from the US to Japan and spans through successful operations over the years, has been created.
  • Implantation Stage: The surgeon places the transplants in a specific way to get a natural result.
  • Detailed Post-op Care Instructions: The best practices that can be used to obtain the most effective results are highlighted.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technology: This can be achieved through the use of advanced equipment and modern technology that gives output of the best quality.
  • Supportive Medical Staff: You will have a team of professionals to take care of you all the time to make sure you are comfortable and answer your questions.
  • This is attained through various advanced methods of graft extraction, preservation, and implantation, which reduce scarring and increase the graft survival rate.
  • Your treatment pathway for Hair Restoration can be initiated by Yapita Health if you make an appointment for a consultation.


  • Their entire Hair Treatment technique in Hermest includes a thorough pre-consultation to set the existing hair quality, density, hairline shape, and facial structure correctly.
  • Advanced extraction and protection techniques are used to avoid scarring and ensure graft viability.
  • Grafts are strategically placed by trained surgeons to provide natural-looking effects.
  • Careful post-operative instructions promote fast recovery, as well as the utilization of cutting-edge facilities and technologies.
  • Their FUE process also gives great results, even with a low graft count.
  • Through continuous innovation and vast expertise in the domain, which is instrumental for advancements in the current hair transplant techniques, they succeed in reaching their objective.
  • One of the clinic’s most distinguished aspects is the modern and well-stocked infrastructure, comforting waiting areas for patients with their privacy protected, and consultation rooms available for the exclusive use of a single patient at a time.
  • The clinic also offers cutting-edge surgical tools that make many operations safer and less invasive, as well as competent physicians and surgeons who have many years of experience behind them.
  • The treatment plans are designed for individual needs, and, in addition, language translation services are provided to overseas patients.
  • In addition, the clinic offers transport services to ensure that no patient gets stranded, as well as a world-class hotel where visitors can relax and later check in for their appointed time of appointment or after a surgical procedure.
  • The medical centre makes sure that the patients are at peace and satisfied with the Hair Restoration services.
  • Hermest Hair Clinic always makes sure to deliver an easy and smooth journey to all the patients throughout their hair transplant detailed study to bring the best result.
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