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Jetanin IVF Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

About Hospital

  • This single-specialty hospital was established the year 1995.

  • Areas of specialties include IVF, IUI, PESA/TESE, Sperm freezing, Embryo Freezing, Sperm DNA fragmentation, and many more treatments.

  • Popularly known for fulfilling family needs through fertility treatments.

  • A medical center with the highest number of fertility success rates.

  • Foremost hospital to perform a successful treatment of sterilized-male.

  • Aims to deliver a healthy baby through their treatments and fulfill a happy family.

  • Offers excellent medical treatments and services with cutting-edge technologies.

  • A dedicated team of medical specialists with outrageous skills to serve their patients.

  • A team of highly expert and skilled medical specialists is available for round-the-clock services.

  • Maintained the report of the birth of healthy babies after 10 tears of egg freezing at Jetanin.

  • Only hospital in South East Asia to be accredited by RTAC and Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCI).

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  • Contains more than 20 beds along with multiple facilities and emergency services.

  • Contains around 9 reproductive experts and specialists who have a wide range of experience in Fertility treatment.

  • Implements highly advanced technologies to perform various fertility procedures.

  • The medical center ensures cleanliness and hygiene to make patients healthy and comfortable.

  • Internationally certified Embryologists are there to provide extraordinary medical services.

  • Provide a counseling team to guide, support, care, and give moral support to their patients.

  • Uses cutting-edge and advanced technology to perform treatments and surgeries.

  • Contain laboratories that are accredited by the Bureau of Laboratory Standards, Ministry of Health (2012) for Medical Safety, by the Bureau of Laboratory Standards, and other accreditations.

  • Other major services include Translation services, Transportation services, Air ambulance, Online doctor consultation, Rehabilitation center, Pharmacy, Document legalization, Medical records transfer, Diet of choice, Family accommodations, Foreign currency exchange for international patients, Medical travel insurance, Netbanking, Debit and Credit card, Medical travel insurance, Health insurance service, etc.

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Jetanin IVF Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

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