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LIV Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

About Hospital

  • This Multi-specialty Hospital is a part of the LIV Hospital Group which was established in the year 2013.

  • Areas of service include Oncology, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Cardiology treatments, Cardiovascular surgeries, Hair Restoration, Colorectal Medicine, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Hematology, Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Radiology, Maxillofacial Surgery, Dentistry, Bariatric Surgery, Respiratory Diseases treatment, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Radiation Therapy, and many more.

  • It is a hospital with one of the highest success rates in Surgeries and medical treatments.

  • Known as one of the reputated medical institutions to provide high-quality services with the latest advancement of technology.

  • Performed One Thousand successful bone marrow transplants with 97% successful bone marrow transplants and 96% successful Cardiovascular Surgeries.

  • Connected with various national and international organizations to provide the finest services

  • Medical services are provided by a highly skilled team of more than 79 medical experts, many of whom are board-certified and carry an international level of expertise.

  • Accreditated by reputated and well-known associations like the Joint Commission International (JCI), and ISO.

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  • Contains more than 159 beds, 50 medical clinics, 8 Operation beds, and a Pharmacy.

  • Contains medical departments including an Orthopedics center, Stem Cell Transplant, Oncology center, Neurology center, Pediatrics center, Gynecology center, Cardiology center, and many more.

  • Implements the usage of innovative technologies including Da Vinci Robot-Assisted Method, True beam Stx, Program AcurosXb, Robotic Orthopedics Method AOspine, and other technical methods.

  • Offers a variety of services especially for foreign patients to ensure their well-being and comfort with standardized services.

  • Other services include Health Insurance, Net banking, Medical records transfer procedure, Diet and food on request, cafeteria, Online consultation of doctors, Visa, Post-operative follow-up, ATM facility, Car hire, Foreign currency exchange, Medical travel insurance coordination, Private rooms, Family accommodation, and more medical facility services.

  • Language translation services include English, Turkish, Russian, and other languages.

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LIV Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

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