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Lokman Hekin, Istanbul - Turkey

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Lokman Hekim Health Group started its journey in the health sector as a polyclinic in Ankara's Kurtuluş district with the aim of becoming the top-of-mind brand institution for hospitals. The group's motto, "Your Healing Door," was brought to life with the opening of the first door of healing. Since its establishment, Lokman Hekim Health Group has been committed to providing the best service with expert staff and a sense of corporate responsibility. By closely following technological advancements in the sector, Lokman Hekim ensures that its patients receive the highest level of technology in diagnosis and treatment. With state-of-the-art imaging units and laboratories, Lokman Hekim Health Group offers patients a safe and comfortable treatment environment. While staying true to the traditions, culture, and people of its birthplace, Lokman Hekim aims to act as a bridge between scientific medicine in the East and modern medicine in the West.

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Lokman Hekim Health Group, which is hope and healing for patients coming from abroad as well as in the country; It fulfills its founding philosophy with accessible, quality health service delivery and patient satisfaction. With its hospitals and expert staff that renew themselves day by day, it is resolutely advancing towards becoming a healing door to our country and the world.


With the total number of beds and employment, together with Lokman Hekim Akay Hospital and Lokman Hekim Demet Medical Center, which were included in the group in 2016 , it had the rightful pride of being the "Largest Healthcare Group" of Başkent Ankara.

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Lokman Hekin, Istanbul - Turkey

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