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Max Superspecialty Hospital, Mohali

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The Max Group is a group of 14 hospitals across the country with 30 different specialties. The hospital has treated about 2.8 million patients that belong to 130 different nationalities. It is known for frequently holding the conferences and events all over the country for medical awareness. The doctors are internationally trained with the highest level of expertise and are committed to performing seamless service at a fraction of costs. Facilities such as travel assistance, regional translators, near hotels and guesthouses are provided by the hospital. The emergency department is active 24 hours with experts trained in emergency medicine.

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The hospitals are equipped with state-of-art Cath labs, OTs with HEPA, LINAC for Radiotherapy and MRI and CT scan machines to ensure that you have access to all medical facilities. The hospital also provides the facility of an air ambulance for the patients. There are nearly 288 beds in the hospital.

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Max Superspecialty Hospital, Mohali

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