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Paolo Paholyothin, Bangkok, Thailand

About Hospital

  • Paolo Hospital was established in the year 1972 in Thailand.

  • Considered as the top-ranked private medical center in Thailand.

  • The hospital; has expanded its medical services with state-of-the-art scientific techniques.

  • The area of services includes Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, General Orthopedic Surgery, Sports injury treatments, Spine surgery, Endoscopy treatment, Joint Replacement Surgery, Gastrointestinal disease treatment, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, General and Pediatric Dentistry, Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery, Aesthetic Dental Implantation, Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorder, Intestinal cancer, Liver cancer, Hepatitis, Gall stones, Gastric cancer, Gastritis and peptic ulcers, Gastrointestinal infection, and many more.

  • Contains a highly qualified and experienced team of doctors and medical experts.

  • Performs a wide range of surgical treatments with a team of highly professional medical experts.

  • Many Europeans and Americans visit this hospital for the least-cost treatment yet state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

  • Thailand is recognized as one of the top Asian countries for medical centers to offer the greatest medical tourism services and facilities.

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  • Contains more than 260 beds with fully facilitated medical services.

  • Provides a wide range of treatments and emergency services.

  • Ensures patient’s safety and treats them with a high-quality service.

  • Takes care of Pre-surgery and Post-surgery treatments for a quick recovery.

  • Doctors aim to treat patients with their knowledge and a high expertise in medicine and make them recover faster and better.

  • Recieved quality assurance accreditation from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute, Ministry of Public Health.

  • Received hospital Accreditation (HA) from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute, Ministry of Public Health.

  • Provide world-class services with facilities matching international standards.

  • Contains various centers including a Liver and Digestive center, a Dental care center, a General medicine center, and many more.

  • Translation facilities are available for international patients which includes English, Arabic, and Thai language.

  • Achieved many awards including the Total Quality Management Award, Environmental Management Quality Standard System Award, Occupational Health and Safety Quality Standard System Award, etc.

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Paolo Paholyothin, Bangkok, Thailand

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