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Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

About Hospital

  • Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) being one of the most reputed cancer care and research hospitals in Mumbai, India, has gained the image of a great cancer treatment center.

  • TMH (Tata Memorial Hospital) which is a part of the Tata Memorial Centre, cancer patients can be treated at a lower cost. The first one was inaugurated in 1941.

  • For over 80 years, it has successfully performed this role by being the best in the area of medical care, education, and research in the field of cancer.

  • National Cancer Grid is a highly ambitious network that joins over 300 cancer centers, research institutes, patient groups, and professional societies to work together.

  • TMH offers a wide range of technical services, including diagnosis, treatment, and cure for various types of cancer.

  • The hospital houses state-of-the-art facilities including advanced radiation therapy units, surgical suites, and imaging technologies.

  • As a leading cancer research institute, TMH conducts studies to advance cancer treatment and improve their patient’s health.

  • It also delivers medical education and training programs for healthcare specialists in oncology.

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  • The medical center contains 614 beds with fully facilitated medical and surgical oncology services.

  • The Intensive Care Unit is made up of an 11-bed critical care area and a 22-bed recovery/step-down unit.

  • A consultant and junior medical staff provide round-the-clock coverage for the unit.

  • To provide total cancer care to all, TMH provides subsidized treatment to economically disadvantaged patients through a variety of support programs.

  • Each year, the ICU receives about 650 severely ill patients.

  • The hospital's commitment to expertise and compassion has earned it a reputation as one of the best cancer centers in the country.

  • It is famous for its first-rate oncology services, wide research, and goal to provide quality cancer care at a reasonable cost.

  • Every month, we welcome a new group of department consultants who have had experience in intensive care units in different hospitals all over the world.

  • The purpose of this unit is to offer comprehensive and intense care for cancer patients with critical health conditions.

  • Patients of the department include critically ill surgical patients, those with acute medical disease and co-morbid disorders, hematological malignancies, neutropenia, and chemotherapy-related problems, as well.

  • These patients have mainly sepsis, ARDS, and multiple organ failure, with many of them exhibiting acute hemodynamic, respiratory, and metabolic derangements.

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Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

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