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The Sight Avenue

The Sight Avenue

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The Sight Avenue Hospital was established by the founder of Spectra Eye. The center has the most advanced diagnostic and ophthalmic surgical set up in Delhi NCR and entire North India. The team comprises qualified and well-trained professionals and the eye center offers super specialty eye surgery and treatments ranging from minor to all types of eye surgeries in single day treatment.

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  • Pocket-Friendly Treatment
  • Even though the quality of eye care at The Sight Avenue eye hospital is of world-class level, the cost of treatment is way less than other hospitals of India.
  • World-Renowned Professionals
  • We have a world-renowned team of doctors with vast experiences of treating thousands of patients using the latest technologies.
  • Vast Treatment Options
  • The Sight Avenue offers treatment options for a wide range of issues for our patients. Our skilled doctors offer special attention to each of our patients and complete the procedure in a single day.
  • Patient First Approach
  • The Sight Avenue considers the needs and the well being of the patients as our first priority. We offer appropriate assistance to our patients and their family members to ensure they make informed decisions.


Robotic/Femto Cataract - Catalys Femto Assisted Intacs Rings for Kerotoconus Wholesome approach to Squint ICL(Implantable Contact Lens) Intraviteral Injection MIVS(Micro Incision Vitrectomy Surgery) Custom made 3D prosthesis Femto/Robotic Lasik - Intralase IFS -150 Ahmad Valve for Glaucoma IOLs of all major companies available

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The Sight Avenue

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