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Vega Stem Cell, Bangkok, Thailand

About Hospital

  • Established in the year 1989, Vega Stem Cell is a medical clinic with several medical facilities.

  • A clinic with an AAALAC accreditation facility and treatments.

  • Popularly known as a foremost medical center for medicine regeneration.

  • Works as a testament to ethics, innovation, and groundbreaking treatments.

  • Ensures traceability and integrity of its experimental research.

  • Areas of specialties include treatments of blood disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, Neurological treatments, autoimmune diseases treatment, organ regeneration, and Radiant skin rejuvenation. diabetes treatment, Empowering joint mobility, maintaining organ health,

  • Contains a state-of-the-art facility that is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology

  • Staffed by a pool of highly skilled and experienced medical experts which includes doctors and scientists.

  • Ensures natural healing abilities and continues successful surgeries optimal health and well-being.

  • Treating a wide range of medical conditions and committed to adopting the latest technologies.

  • Recieved AAALAC international accreditation (2018).

  • Recieved BLQS Certification of Compliance to OECD Principle of GLP (2020).

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  • Contains around 335 beds with fully facilitated emergency services.

  • Contains a team of more than 200 highly-specialized medical experts.

  • Performs the usage of stem cells for performing various medical treatments.

  • Performs medical research therapy and resource utilization to implement their advancements.

  • Provide services along with a well-experienced team of doctors and medical staff.

  • Guided under the OECD GLP guidelines, it ensures credibility for every single innovation.

  • Performs transformative stem cell treatments and experiments with holistic healing.

  • Performs treatments that contain a wide range of healthcare challenges to reduce health risks.

  • Medical experts contribute their extreme level of knowledge and passion in regenerating medicines and play diverse roles in the medical community.

  • Various specialties include Stem cell research, Stem cell therapy, Stem cell laboratory to perform experiments, Stem cell banking to utilize the collected resources, and many more.

  • Aims to bring the field of regenerative medicine into the process and transform lives.

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Vega Stem Cell, Bangkok, Thailand

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