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Vitallife Wellness Center, Bangkok, Thailand

About Hospital

  • VitalLife Wellness Center was established in the year 2001.

  • It is one of the largest private wellness centers in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Areas of medical specialties include Diagnostics, Oncology, General Medical check-ups, Psychiatry, etc.

  • The wellness center mainly provides different therapies and treatments to relieve Joint pains.

  • It is a trusted partner of the renowned medical center Bumrungrad Hospital.

  • Provide fitness and wellness services with advanced technologies, stimulating applications and methods, positive lifestyle regimens, and holistic medications.

  • Provide different sections of treatment packages to achieve your health goals and planned accomplishments related to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Provide high-personalized healthcare treatments to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Areas of healthcare treatment include ‘Weber Laser therapy’ which enables the laser light to enter directly into the bloodstream for stimulating blood cell circulation, ‘Anti-aging treatment’ to prevent fast-aging effects on skin and the body, ‘Whole Body light therapy’ in which red and near-infrared light is used to treat injuries and pain reduction, ‘Cryo Sauna Therapy’ to bring the body temperature down for relaxation, ‘Cool Sculpting’ which is the procedure of freezing unwanted fat cells with advanced technology, ‘Hyperbaric Chamber’ therapy to increase the air pressure more than normal air pressure which enables lungs to grasp more oxygen and heal growth factors and stem cells.

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  • Contains 580 beds and over 30 specialty centers.

  • Contains a team of more than 27 doctors to perform healthcare treatments and therapies.

  • Contains medical services which include DNA tests, Aesthetic treatments, Skin rejuvenation therapy and procedures, Weight loss sessions, etc.

  • Several patients visit here from different countries like Japan, Europe, China, UAE, and others.

  • Special treatments include Cancer screening, Genetic screening, Women’s Oncological check-ups, men’s Oncological check-ups, and other treatments.

  • Serves around 1 million patients annually from more than 190 countries.

  • Achieved several awards including Global Health Awards (2017), and Healthcare Asia Awards (2018).

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Vitallife Wellness Center, Bangkok, Thailand

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