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Zulekha Hospital, Dubai, UAE

About Hospital

  • This Multi-specialty Hospital was established in the year 2004 in Dubai, UAE.

  • Popularly known as the leading center with an excellent service provider for patients.

  • Areas of services include Ophthalmology, Reproductive medicine and Nephrology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Plastic surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, General medicine, Bariatric surgery, Dental, Dermatology, Laparoscopic surgery, Gynecology, Internal medicine, Health and Nutrition Medicine, Neonatology, Pulmonology and Chest disease, Physiotherapy, Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive care unit, Rheumatology, Stroke, Cardiac sciences, Urology, General surgery, and many more.

  • Provides Basic facilities to Advanced services with the latest and innovative technical facilities.

  • Carries the goal of providing world-class services and offering affordable medical facilities.

  • A full-equipped multi-disciplinary medical center providing out-patient and in-patient facilities.

  • Held a legacy of 19 years in providing rich healthcare services.

  • Contain a well-trained team of medical staff to be available for 24-hour services in the Hospital.

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  • Contains more than 140 beds with 24-hour emergency services.

  • Contains more than 30 medical departments along with extraordinary services.

  • Contains several medical departments including Radiology and Laboratory centers, Modular Operation Theaters, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Dialysis centers, Advanced diagnostic centers, and many more medical centers.

  • Provide various medical services with hygienic maintenance premises and comfort facilities for patients.

  • Offers home care services by calling doctors and other medical staff at home, including COVID-19 testing, Speech therapy, Psychology, Vaccinations, Medical Services, etc.

  • Provides other facility services which include Translation services, Booking flights, Medications, Telemedicine service, Airport pick-up and drop facilities, Transportation services, Online consultation services, Pharmacy, etc.

  • Medical packages contain maternity services, Health, Plastic surgery, and Nurse service packages.

  • Other services and facilities include Health Insurance coordination, Netbanking, Medical records transfer procedure, Diet and food on request, Online consultation of doctors, Visa, Post operative-follow-up, ATM facility, Foreign currency exchange, Medical travel insurance coordination, Private rooms, Family accommodation, and more medical facility services.

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Zulekha Hospital, Dubai, UAE

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