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Knee Replacement in Abu Dhabi- In Abu Dhabi, knee alternative surgery is simply to be had at pinnacle-tier hospitals and specialised orthopaedic facilities. Patients have to get admission to advanced surgical alternatives, inclusive of total and partial knee replacements, executed by using experienced orthopaedic surgeons. Comprehensive pre-operative assessments, modern-day surgical strategies, and personalised submit-operative rehabilitation programs are furnished to ensure positive maximum fulfilling results. With a focus on affected person care and pleasure, human beings present process knee alternative surgical treatment in Abu Dhabi can assume first-rate treatments and guidance for the duration of their surgical adventure.

Common symptoms of knee replacement

  • History of arthritis: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Trauma

  • Knee deformities

  • Osteonecrosis

  • Persistent Swelling and inflammation.

Reasons to Prefer Knee Replacement in Abu Dhabi

  • Expert orthopaedic surgeons with top-sized revel in knee replacement techniques.

  • Advanced clinical facilities equipped with present-day era.

  • Comprehensive pre-operative checks and personalised remedy plans.

  • Shorter waiting instances for surgical treatment compared to different places.

  • Adherence to international requirements of care and safety protocols.

  • Multicultural surroundings make it positive to recognize and recognize sufferers' alternatives.

  • Knee Replacement Treatment in Abu Dhabi, UAE vs different cities


  • Abu Dhabi, UAE

Advanced surgical options are available for knee alternative treatments in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Reputable hospitals and specialised clinics offer whole care that includes pre-operative evaluations, present-day surgical strategies, and individualized rehabilitation plans, making sure the satisfactory feasible outcomes for sufferers with knee-related troubles.


  • Istanbul, Turkey

Advanced surgical techniques, skilled surgeons, and modern-day facilities are all available in Istanbul for knee replacement remedies. From pre-operative evaluations to post-operative rehabilitation, patients can get hold of comprehensive care that guarantees powerful management of knee conditions and an advanced first-rate existence.


  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Total and partial knee replacements are among the modern surgical answers which might be effortlessly accessible in Abu Dhabi for knee substitute treatment. For patients with knee-related issues, famed hospitals and speciality clinics provide complete care that consists of pre-operative critiques, modern-day surgical methods, and individualized rehabilitation programs, making certain the pleasant and feasible consequences.

Knee Replacement Process

The knee replacement process begins with a thorough evaluation, consisting of a clinical history assessment and bodily examination. Pre-operative checks which include X-rays and blood paintings are performed to assess joint circumstances and usual health. On the day of surgical treatment, the patient is administered anaesthesia, and the orthopaedic healthcare professional gets rid of broken cartilage and bone before implanting prosthetic components. Post-surgical procedure, the affected person undergoes a period of rehabilitation and bodily therapy to regain power and mobility. Follow-up appointments screen recovery progress and cope with any concerns. With proper care and adherence to publish-operative commands, sufferers commonly experience big ache remedies and improved joint characteristics, main to a better best of lifestyles. 


  • Infection: Risk of surgical web page infection.

  • Blood Clots: Potential formation of blood clots.

  • Implant Issues: Possible implant loosening or wear over the years.


  • Pain Relief: Alleviation of continual knee pain.

  • Improved Mobility: Enhanced joint features and mobility.
    Three. Enhanced Quality of Life: Restoration of day-by-day activities and improved average well-being. 

Recovery time

Knee Replacement recovery travels 30-45 days, affected by health, implant type, replacement surgery type, and post-operative care.

Knee Replacement in Abu Dhabi with Yapita Health

Yapita Health, along with its Knee Surgery hospital partners, delivers a high level of knee replacement services globally. Our Expert Knee Surgery specialists can help you obtain Knee Replacement done in a variety of locations, including Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Delhi, Bangkok, and many others. Book a quick consultation with us to determine the cost of Knee Surgery to fulfil your specific needs.

Now, begin your Knee Replacement treatment journey with Yapita Health by just filling out a form for Hip Replacement at the top.



4 Whys

Why Knee Replacement Surgery?

    Ease pain
    Better life quality
    Painless mobility

Why Overseas?

    More options
    Advanced technology

Why Advance Treatment?

    Minimally invasive
    No pain
    Quick recovery

Why Yapita Health?

    Robotic knee surgery
    Experienced orthopedic surgeons
    Patient Success stories

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Treatment Related Information


Types of Knee Replacement

There are different types of knee replacement procedures available -

1. Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

2. Partial Knee Replacement

3. Kneecap Replacement

4. Complex/Revision Knee Replacement



Success rate of Knee Replacement

The success rate of Knee Replacement Surgery is approximately around 90 to 95%.



Recovery Time for Knee Replacement

The recovery time for knee replacement surgery varies from patient to patient, depending on various factors such as age, overall health, and the type of knee replacement performed.


Average hospital stay days after TKR

The average hospital stay following knee replacement surgery is typically around three to five days. However, the length of stay may vary depending on the patient's individual circumstances and the specific hospital or healthcare facility. 

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Knee Replacement Surgery cost

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Knee Replacement Surgery cost

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Knee Replacement Surgery At Yapita Health

At Yapita Health, we have a team of world-class Orthopedic surgeons who have years of experience in performing knee replacement surgeries. Our doctors are thorough with the latest tools and techniques and are pioneering robotic knee surgeries globally. Every year, thousands of patients prefer to visit Yapita Health for knee replacement surgeries relative to its success and affordability. We have delivered surgeries with the highest success rates worldwide and continue to expand our healthcare services in 20+ countries. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out.

FAQs Related to Knee Replacement Surgery

How long can you live without Knee replacement?

It is advisable to seek treatment on time to prevent complications and improve life quality.


Who needs a knee replacement?

Knee replacement is advisable for those who have severe mobility issues and knee pain even while resting.


Is knee replacement safe?

Knee replacement is a completely safe procedure. Robotic knee replacement is the latest treatment option with the highest success rates, fewer complications, less risk of infection, and less blood loss.


What is the average hospital stay after knee replacement surgery?

The length of the usual hospital stay is 5-7 days.

What are the risks of knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement is a safe surgical procedure. Some of the common manageable complications of knee replacement are pain, discomfort, infection, and clotting. Medications are prescribed that reduce the chances of complications.


Are life-long medicines necessary after knee replacement?

No. lifelong medications are not required after knee replacement. You have to take medications for a few weeks to reduce post-operative pain and discomfort.


Does a person have a very restricted life after a knee replacement?

No, not at all. The life quality is greatly improved after knee replacement and one can resume normal routine within a few weeks as advised by the doctor. Knee replacement surgeon explains lifestyle habits to adopt after surgery.



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