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Top 10 Knock Knee Surgery Hospitals in New Delhi

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Treatment Related Information


Types of Knock Knee Surgery:

Osteotomy: This procedure involves cutting and repositioning the bones to correct the alignment. It is a common surgical approach for correcting knock knees.

Arthroplasty: In some cases, especially if arthritis is present, partial or total joint replacement may be considered.


Indications for Knock Knee Surgery:

Severe knock knees causing functional impairment and pain.

Lack of improvement with conservative treatments like physical therapy and bracing.

Progressive deformity that may lead to joint damage.


Knock Knee Surgical Procedure:

Osteotomy involves cutting the bone, often near the knee joint, and realigning it to correct the deformity.

Arthroplasty may involve reshaping the bones or replacing part or all of the knee joint with prosthetic components.


Knock Knee Surgery Recovery:

Postoperative care includes pain management, physical therapy, and monitoring for complications.

Weight-bearing restrictions may be in place initially, and a gradual return to normal activities is planned.

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FAQs Related to Knock knee surgery

What types of knock knee surgery are there?

The two main types of knock knee surgery are osteotomy and arthroplasty. Osteotomy involves cutting and repositioning bones, while arthroplasty involves joint replacement.

Is knock knee surgery a major procedure? 

Knock knee surgery is a significant procedure that requires careful planning and recovery. The extent of the surgery depends on the severity of the deformity.

How is the surgery performed? 

In osteotomy, the surgeon cuts and repositions bones to correct the alignment. In arthroplasty, the surgeon may replace part or all of the knee joint.

What is the recovery process like? 

Recovery involves postoperative care, physical therapy, and gradually returning to normal activities. Full recovery may take several months.

Are there risks associated with knock knee surgery? 

As with any surgery, there are potential risks, including infection, blood clots, and complications related to anesthesia. Surgeons discuss these risks with patients before the procedure.

Can knock knees be corrected without surgery? 

In some cases, non-surgical interventions like physical therapy and orthotic devices may help manage symptoms. However, surgery is often considered for severe cases.

How long does it take to see results after knock knee surgery? 

Initial improvement is noticeable after the swelling subsides, but complete results may take several months as the bones heal and the body adjusts.

What lifestyle changes are recommended after knock knee surgery? 

Post-surgery, patients may need to modify activities and follow rehabilitation guidelines provided by the surgeon. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for overall joint health.

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